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922G 2.55

Dump Truck


  • 22.4 tons load capacity
  • Narrow version of the 922G at under 2.55m
  • Cummins B6.7 Stage V with 314 hp
  • Three-axle & articulated steering
  • Hydraulic stabilisers, bogie axles & high ground clearance
  • Excellent visibility from the cab
  • Ideal for rental


The Hydrema 922G series is a powerful line of 20 ton dump trucks designed to tackle a wide range of tasks on construction sites and in industrial environments. These machines are known for their reliability, efficiency and versatility. The 922 series includes the standard 922G model, as well as the 922HM, 920G and this narrow version; the 922G 2.55.

With advanced features and user-friendly controls, these dumpers are a reliable resource for contractors and professionals who demand reliability and efficiency on their jobsite.


The Hydrema 922G 2.55 is a compact and narrow version of the versatile 922G model. This dump truck has been designed with special attention to space constraints and easy maneuverability. With a narrower construction compared to the standard version, the vehicle width is kept below 2.55 metres (8.3 ft), making it ideal for working in confined areas and where space is limited. Despite its compact size, the 922G 2.55 retains the impressive performance and reliability that characterizes the Hydrema range.


The engine in the 922G 2.55, like the rest of the 922 G series, is a powerful Cummins B 6.7 liter 6-cylinder engine with Stage 5 emissions. It is equipped with DOC, DPF and SCR catalyst with AdBlue addition. With 24 valves and common-rail turbodiesel with intercooler and an electronically variable turbocharger, it delivers an impressive maximum power output of 231 kW (314 hp) at 2200 rpm and a maximum torque of 1288 Nm at 1500 rpm.

The transmission in the 922G 2.55 is a ZF ERGOPOWER 6 WG-210 automatic transmission with 6 forward and 3 reverse gears. It has 100% lock-up in all gears and offers both automatic and manual shifting. The dumper's maximum speeds are 31 mph forward and 19 mph reverse and it can achieve an impressive maximum tractive effort of 223 kN. This efficient engine-transmission combination gives the 922G 2.55 the power and performance needed to handle different terrains and tasks.


In the 922G 2.55 you'll find an advanced chassis that's engineered with precision and durability to ensure ultimate stability in all conditions. This articulated chassis is equipped with a pendulum rod and dual hydraulic stabilizer in the articulated joint. The chassis is made from high-strength steel to maximize strength while minimizing vehicle weight. This combination of robust construction and lightweight materials makes the 922G 2.55 a reliable and efficient work partner that can handle demanding tasks with ease. With a swing angle of +/- 12 degrees, the machine can navigate even the most challenging terrain with confidence and stability.


The axles on the 922G 2.55 combine performance and durability. The front axle features electro-hydraulic suspension and individual levelling, ensuring optimal position and stability. A heavy-duty differential lock with 75% locking action improves traction. The rear axle is a heavy-duty bogie axle with reduction gears in the hubs, a robust and maintenance-free solution with a large swing angle. This gives the machine solid reliability to tackle demanding tasks.


At the heart of the Hydrema 922G 2.55 you'll find a powerful Cummins B 6.7 liter 6-cylinder engine that meets Stage 5 standards. It is equipped with DOC, DPF and SCR catalyst with AdBlue addition, ensuring environmentally friendly operation. This 24-valve common-rail turbodiesel delivers impressive performance with electronic variable turbocharger. With a maximum power output of 231 kW/314 HP at 2200 rpm and a torque of 1288 Nm at 1500 rpm, this engine is ready to tackle the most challenging tasks with ease.


When it comes to fuel capacity, the 922G 2.55 has an impressive capacity to give you long-lasting operation. With a 79.25 gallon diesel tank and a 8.1 gallon AdBlue tank, both cleverly integrated into the front chassis, this machine is ready to keep you going for long working days without interruption. That means less time spent refuelling and more time spent getting the job done.


Safety and performance go hand in hand with the 922G 2.55's advanced braking and retarder system. This powerful machine is equipped with a full 2-circuit braking system with oil immersed disc brakes on all 6 wheels, ensuring reliable and maintenance-free braking performance. For added safety, there's a fail-safe handbrake on the front axle. But that's not all - the 922G 2.55 also features a manually operated retarder that combines the engine brake with a hydraulic retarder for maximum performance. This powerful retarder delivers up to 300 kW or 405 hp, meaning you can achieve excellent control and safety, especially when travelling down slopes or hills.


The hydraulic system in the 922G 2.55 dump truck is responsible for the machine's impressive performance. This advanced system consists of no less than 5 hydraulic pumps that work together to ensure the machine operates smoothly and precisely in all conditions.

Pump 1: 48.9 gal/min constant flow pump for brakes, stabilizer, differential lock and suspension.
Pump 2: 51.5 gal/min variable pump for articulated steering.
Pump 3: 51.5 gal/min constant flow pump for tipping function and retarder.
Pump 4: 16.9 gal/min constant flow pump for additional retarder power.
Pump 5: 6.9 gal/min variable flow pump for emergency steering.


The 922G 2.55 transmission delivers efficiency and control. This ZF ERGOPOWER 6 WG-210 automatic transmission is equipped with 6 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, giving you the flexibility to handle any situation. The dump truck's 100% lock-up function in all gears ensures maximum power transfer and efficiency. You also have the option of both automatic and manual gear shifting, so you can customize the drive according to your preferences and needs. Speed is impressive with a maximum forward speed of 31 mph and a reverse gear that gives you good control at 19 mph. With an impressive maximum tractive effort of 223 kN, you can rest assured that the 922G 2.55 always has the power to handle even the most challenging terrains and tasks with ease.


The steering in the Hydrema 922G 2.55 is a true pleasure to work with. With servo-activated hydrostatic steering, you get precise and smooth control of the machine. The separate variable pump, dedicated to steering, allows you to turn the wheels with ease and precision. Best of all, the impressive maximum steering angle of +/- 38°. This means you can manoeuvre the machine through even the tightest areas and handle sharp turns with effortless precision.


The electrical system in the 922G 2.55 is reliable and efficient. With a standard 24V electrical system and powerful 70 Amp. generator, you get the power you need for your tasks. Two 12V batteries with 100Ah capacity each provide a reliable power supply for the machine's electrical components. No matter the weather conditions, you can rely on the 922G 2.55's electrical system to keep you going.


The 922G 2.55's dump body is solidly constructed with Hardox 450 high-strength steel and is designed without side ribs for maximum durability. Two dual-acting tipping cylinders are strategically placed under the body to protect them from damage. There's also the option to add exhaust heating and an optional automatic tailgate. With fast tipping times of 7.5 seconds up and 5.5 seconds down, and an impressive 70° tipping angle, you can efficiently unload materials with the Hydrema 922G 2.55.


With the MultiChassis on the 922G 2.55 dumper, you get a versatile platform that opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you need to mount a water tank, spread lime or fertilizer on fields, work in forestry areas or handle containers with a hook lift, MultiChassis gives you the freedom to adapt your machine to your exact needs. You can even choose a flatbed for transporting tools, wood or heavy machinery. The choice is yours and the 922G 2.55 is ready to deliver the perfect solution for you.


The cab of this 20 ton dumper truck welcomes you with a spacious and comfortable workspace. Here you'll find a seat with air suspension, ventilation and longitudinal shock absorption to make your long working days comfortable. The fully adjustable steering wheel and intuitive multi joystick gives you full control over the machine's hydraulics and transmission. Automatic tipping and lowering of the skip makes your workflow more efficient. In short, the cab of the 922G 2.55 from Hydrema is designed with your comfort and productivity in mind, so you can work for hours on end effortlessly.


In the cab of the 922G 2.55 from Hydrema, you get a working environment with pleasant noise insulation, with an LpA level of 73 dB(A). This creates a more comfortable and quiet working experience, making it easier to concentrate on tasks. Outside the cab, where the LwA level reaches 106 dB(A), a low noise emission is ensured, which is good for both the operator and the surroundings.


Hydrema prioritizes your safety. With our tipping alarm system, unsafe tipping is easily identified, increasing your protection. Furthermore, a rear view camera improves your visibility and fulfils ISO 5006 requirements for added peace of mind. We also go one step further with our brake indicator, which alerts you to potential brake overheating so you can react quickly and safely.


Chassis   STD MultiChass. SHORT WB MultiChass.  LONG WB
Std. tires   20.5-R25 EM  
Total weight lb 80689 79807 80248
Unladen weight lb 36597 31306 31747
Load capacity lb 44092 48502 48502
Total width ft in 8'4" 8'4" 8'4"
Clearance ft in 1'7" 1'7" 1'7"
Dump truck body width ft in 8'4" - -
Total height ft in 11'5" 11'5" 11'5"
Transport height ft in 11'3" 11'3" 11'3"
Loading height ft in 8'10" - -
Height with raised body ft in 20'9" - -
Tipping clearance ft in 2'8" - -
Overhang, rear ft in 4'8" 4' 2'6"
Wheel base, bogie ft in 5'4" 5'4" 5'4"
Length ft in 30'1" 29’6” 33'5"
Approach angle, front ° 26 26 26
Approach angle, rear ° 68 - -
Tipping angle ° 70 - -
Wheel base ft in 12'2" 12'2" 17'7"
Overhang, front ft in 7'10" 7'10" 7'10"
Body capacity, levelled yd3 12 - -
Body capacity, heaped yd3 15,7 - -
Tipping time, raise sec. 7,5 - -
Tipping time, lower sec. 5,5 - -
Turning radius, outer ft 26,84 26,84 35,7
Ground pressure (loaded) psi 21 21 21


The Hydrema 922G 2.55 is the agile and versatile solution for all your earthmoving needs. With a narrower profile than other Hydrema 20 tonne dump trucks, keeping the vehicle width below 2.55 metres, this dumper is ideal for confined work areas and tight spaces.

With a powerful Cummins engine, advanced transmission and robust chassis, it delivers excellent performance and reliability. It is equipped with hydraulic suspension, individual levelling and differential lock on the front axle for exceptional stability and control.

The dump body is made from durable Hardox 450 high-strength steel and can be equipped with features such as an automatic tailgate for increased productivity. With MultiChassis options, you can customise this machine for a wide range of specialist applications, from container handling to forestry and more. The Hydrema 922G 2.55 is the ultimate solution to tackle even the most challenging jobs.

The golf course architect recommended the Hydrema 922 for the job. We pick up sand and soil about 2 kilometres from the course entrance and can drive in and unload without damaging paths and fragile fairways.


Create possibilities with the Hydrema 922 series: customization is key. For instance, our 20 ton dump trucks can be registered for road traffic and come in three versions with speeds of 19, 25 or 31 mph. And with the 922G series, you can choose between the standard 922G model and this narrower version, the 922G 2.55, as well as the 922HM, equipped with 2’7.5” ft in wide tires and exceptional off-road capabilities. Lastly, there's also the 920G version with 3’0.22” ft in wide tires for the lowest possible ground pressure.

Our MultiChassis variants open up a world of customized solutions. Whether you need a water tank, lime spreaders, forestry equipment or hook lifts for container handling, or perhaps a flatbed to transport tools, wood and heavy equipment, the choice is yours! Hydrema is ready to provide the customized solution that fits your unique needs.


The versatility of the Hydrema 922G 2.55 is not limited to the standard dump body version. We're introducing two exciting MultiChassis variants: MultiChassis SWB (Short Wheel Base) and MultiChassis LWB (Long Wheel Base). These MultiChassis solutions are the key to customizing your 922G precisely to the task at hand.

With MultiChassis, you get a flexible platform for mounting a wide range of specialized solutions. Need to water roads or work areas? Install a water tank and get it done efficiently. Need to spread lime or fertilizer on fields? No problem, we can customize the machine for that. If forestry or container handling is your need, you can easily add a hook lift for easy material handling.

On the other hand, if you need to transport materials such as tools, wood, heavy machinery or something else entirely? Then you can also choose to get your 922G 2.55 with a flatbed.

It's your 922G 2.55 dumper and the possibilities are almost limitless. Let's work together to create the ideal solution for your unique challenges and projects.

922G Swbandlwb Website

Hydrema Telematics


Hydrema Telematics is a monitoring and data collection system for your Hydrema machines that collects information from the machine via sensors and electronics. Users can log into the online portal from various platforms and access collected data from the engine, transmission and other key components, as well as real-time reports on labour hours and machine location.

GeoLeash allows you to create dynamic location tracking of your machines, even as they move from one location to another. Through the data and analytics collected, you can optimise your machine's performance, reduce fuel consumption and increase uptime while learning how to get the most out of your 922G 2.55 dump truck.

Hydrema Telematics also allows you to compare your machines and operators' driving patterns and fuel consumption with each other, making it easy to make adjustments that can benefit the business and help operators learn from each other.

This way, our service team can easily help you schedule maintenance tasks and diagnose problems. By displaying alarm codes and other vital data on the online portal, Hydremas service team can identify faults remotely quickly and accurately.

The system also allows you to manage your fleet and schedule maintenance tasks, reducing idle hours, fuel consumption and downtime, while saving money and improving the overall value of your machine.

If our service team needs to fix a problem on your Hydrema 922G 2.55, they will be able to see what and where the problem has occurred in Hydrema Telematics and have the right spare parts with them even before they drive out to you. This means that your dumper trucks's downtime is shortened and it can quickly resume work.

The system keeps track of your machines and sends you notifications about upcoming maintenance tasks, making fleet management easier and less time-consuming. It also helps you keep track of your productivity, such as how many loads you transport each week or how many hours of effective productivity your machines deliver per day, week and month.

Hydrema Telematics can provide data via API to external mixed fleet platforms such as Trackunit. Machine software updates can be uploaded remotely via telematics link device.

For new machines, a 3-year free subscription to Hydrema Telematics is included. With the free subscription, you get full access to all features, services and software updates.




Experience the upgraded and powerful retarder system in the Hydrema 922G 2.55. This advanced hydraulic system now consists of a total of 5 hydraulic pumps, ensuring that all functions in the 922G series work independently of each other with minimal energy loss.

The powerful retarder system combines an engine brake with a hydraulic retarder and is intuitively operated via a "retarder joystick" located in the right armrest. This advanced system significantly reduces the load on the service brake, especially when travelling downhill, which not only increases safety but also extends the life of the brakes.

As an added safety measure, the 922G series also introduces the new brake indicator system, known as the "brake care system." This system constantly monitors the brakes and provides the driver with a warning on the instrument display, as well as an audible alarm in the event of brake overheating. So with the Hydrema 922G 2.55, safety and braking performance are top notch.



With Hydrema 922G 2.55 you get easy and safe servicing of your dump truck. We've made it easy for you to access the engine and the various filters by simply pressing a button from inside the cab, which opens the bonnet.

The large opening on the hood gives you full and safe access to all service points, making daily maintenance quick and hassle-free.

By performing regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your machine and avoid unnecessary breakdowns. For even more efficient maintenance, we also offer an optional automatic central lubrication system. This system ensures proper lubrication with individually adapted amounts of grease for different lubrication points and optimized lubrication intervals.





Step into comfort and safety with the Hydrema 922G 2.55 cab. The spacious operator's cab provides you with a comfortable workspace with optimal visibility and easy cleaning. With two illuminated doors for safe entry, ROPS/FOPS certification and heavy-duty viscose suspension to reduce vibrations, your safety is top notch.

All controls are ergonomically positioned, ensuring you can sit comfortably. The air suspension seat with length adjustment and ventilation provides extra comfort. The seat, armrests and steering wheel can be individually adjusted for the best seating experience.

The cab is equipped with a computerized instrument display with data storage, an efficient air conditioning system, a practical storage box and 12V/24V sockets as standard. The multifunctional joystick integrated into the right armrest gives you control over tipping, gear shifting, forward/reverse and differential lock with ease - all within easy reach so you can focus on your work. Step into the comfort zone of the Hydrema 922G 2.55 cab.




Safety is paramount in all Hydrema machines, and this also applies to the 922G 2.55. Our machine is designed to protect both the operator and the machine itself. With ROPS/FOPS certification, you can be confident that the cab is built to withstand external impacts and ensure operator safety in all conditions.

Our heavy-duty viscous suspension helps reduce vibrations and noise in the cab, creating a more comfortable working experience and reducing fatigue, especially during long working days. This avoids potential accidents with the hauler.

Safety is further enhanced with features such as a tipping alarm that indicates unsafe tipping, a rear view camera that improves visibility and complies with ISO 5006 requirements, and a brake indicator that alerts when the brakes are at risk of overheating.

With the Hydrema 922G 2.55, you can be confident that safety is paramount, so you can focus on your work with peace of mind.




The dump cycle is crucial to the efficiency and productivity of a dump truck, and we've optimized this aspect to the max on the Hydrema 922G 2.55. With our advanced technology and design, you can expect a fast, accurate and reliable dump cycle that makes your work easier and more efficient.

Our dump truck body is constructed from Hardox 450 high-strength steel, providing the necessary strength and durability without adding unnecessary weight. This results in lightning-fast tipping times, taking just 7.5 seconds to lift the load and 5.5 seconds to lower it. With an impressive 70° tipping angle, you can easily and accurately unload materials with this 20 ton dumper.

We also offer optional features like an automatic tailgate to make tipping even more convenient and hassle-free. The tipping cycle on the Hydrema 922G 2.55 is designed to save time and increase your productivity, which means more time completing tasks and less time waiting.


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