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Dump Truck


  • 11.2 tons load capacity
  • Great comfort with front axle suspension
  • Operators cab with great visibility
  • One-step entry for easy cab access
  • Chassis with articulated joints, low centre of gravity and high stability
  • 180° MultiTip
  • Easy to operate, safe and robust
  • Suitable as a rental machine


Hydrema's 912G series is engineered to perform tasks in the rough off-road terrain. The series presents the 912G, 912GS, and 912HM - all with articulated steering for superior maneuverability. These machines are not only light in weight but also powerful in operation, ensuring long durability and reliability in even the most demanding conditions. Perfectly adapted for diverse construction sites and demanding terrains, they offer long-lasting efficiency and performance.

912GS: Elevating Comfort and Efficiency on Challenging Terrain

The upgraded Hydrema 912GS takes operator comfort and machine performance to a new level. With an advanced suspended front axle, equipped with an electro-hydraulic suspension system, this dump truck sets new standards for comfort within its class. This improvement is particularly notable on uneven terrain and over long driving distances. With the 912GS version, you get a hauler that not only gets the job done, but does it with unrivalled operator comfort.

Refined Power and Advanced Emission Control

The Hydrema 912GS continues the legacy of the 912G with a robust 4.5 liter turbodiesel engine that produces 147 hp and integrates emission-reducing technology such as DOC, DPF and SCR catalysts with AdBlue addition. Designed to meet the strictest environmental standards and with the ability to run on biodiesel, the 912GS is a sustainable choice for the future.

The energy from the Hydrema 912GS's engine is flawlessly transmitted through the sophisticated ZF WG 115 6-speed "ERGO POWER" Soft-Shift transmission. This transmission's 100% electronic control enables seamless gear changes and a constant flow of power, ensuring no power is lost even in the most demanding situations. With its wide range of gears and the user-friendly ability to switch between automatic and manual steering, the 912GS offers drivers unrivalled control. The constant 4-wheel drive ensures solid traction on all kinds of surfaces, making the 912GS the ultimate partner for complex and demanding construction projects.


The Hydrema 912GS's chassis takes exceptional stability to new heights with its central articulated steering, combined with a suspended front axle system that effectively absorbs shocks from the terrain. Its sophisticated suspension system includes two independent hydraulic cylinders that automatically adjust to the weight of the load and the challenges of the terrain. Integrated into the chassis design, the fuel and hydraulic tanks located in the front contribute to a low centre of gravity that further improves stability. For precise control, even in difficult conditions, oscillation movements can be locked, making the 912GS a reliable partner on challenging terrain with its superior oscillation angle.


With the 912GS, you get the added benefit of a suspended front axle system that provides superior operator comfort compared to the 912G's direct and robust design. The advanced planetary reduction gears in the wheel hubs and specially designed separate oil chambers remain, ensuring the model's reliability and durability. At the same time, the front axle has been upgraded with an advanced suspension mechanism, while the rear axle continues to offer the electro-hydraulic 100% differential lock for unrivalled off-road performance.


The 912GS is equipped with a ZF WG 115 6-speed "ERGO POWER" Soft-Shift transmission, optimized for improved comfort and stability from its new suspension. This system ensures smooth gear changes and constant traction via electronically controlled clutches. With 6 forward and 3 reverse gears, plus constant four-wheel drive, you can easily customize between automatic and manual operation with joystick buttons for an efficient and smooth drive.


Discover the Hydrema 912GS's engine, the powerful Cummins B-4.5L Stage 5 engine and its advanced emission systems. This state-of-the-art engine is equipped with advanced emission control technology, including DOC, DPF, and SCR systems, further enhanced with AdBlue. Immerse yourself in the impressive power of a 4.5-litre, 16-valve common-rail turbodiesel engine, complete with intercooler and an electronically variable turbocharger, delivering up to 147 hp (108 kW) at 2000 rpm. Enjoy the powerful 600 Nm (442 lb. ft) of torque at just 1500 rpm. And with the option to run on biodiesel, you're not only choosing power, but sustainability too.


Achieve precise maneuvering with our advanced Load Sensing articulated steering. Equipped with two efficient dual-acting cylinders, it ensures responsive steering with emergency steering function and damped steering cylinders. Enjoy exceptional maneuverability with a maximum steering angle of +/- 35°.


The Hydrema 912GS utilizes an advanced hydraulic pump that adapts to the dynamics of the suspension system to ensure stable and efficient operation. The system supports the tipping function and other demanding hydraulic needs with increased performance and accuracy.


Experience the peace and comfort the Hydrema 912GS offers, where a suspended chassis significantly reduces vibration and noise levels. Inside the cab, a low sound level of only 72 dB(A) is maintained, ensuring a relaxed working atmosphere, while the exterior noise level is limited to 102 dB(A), reflecting the machine's innovative and considerate design towards the surrounding environment.


The electrical system of the 912GS matches its high-performance nature and is equipped with a standard 24V system boosted by a robust 70 Amp alternator. Two 12V, 95Ah batteries ensure a strong and reliable power supply, designed to support the additional functions provided by the suspension system.


Experience the convenience of our automatic battery isolator, which switches your machine's electrical system off and on automatically, with door sensor-activated restart and easy shutdown time setting from the instrument display. For added safety, there's an emergency switch at your fingertips in the operator's cab. Efficiency and safety at the touch of a button.


Your 912GS comes equipped with a generous 36.98 gallon diesel tank, so you can work longer without interruption. And to ensure cleaner operation and compliance with environmental standards, there's a 3.69 gallon AdBlue tank, elegantly integrated into the front of the chassis. Both tanks are designed to easily keep you on the road and contribute to a more sustainable future.


The 912GS's robust 7.3 yd3 body, made from robotically welded high-strength steel, proudly carries on the tradition of the 912G. With an impressive load capacity of 10 tons and a 75° tip angle for both rear tip and MultiTip, the improved suspension system delivers stability that allows full utilization of the body's capacity and durability - even under difficult load conditions. The truck's efficiency is further complemented by a fast tipping time of just 6 seconds, ensuring fast and efficient material handling.


Discover the freedom to manoeuvre with ease and efficiency with our optional MultiTip system offers a compact and fast unloading function that allows rear and side loading. The robust swivelling system, supported by a solid slewing ball bearing, ensures a smooth and reliable movement using two dual-acting cylinders. The tipping function, powered by powerful cylinders, guarantees safe and accurate unloading - no matter the terrain. Increase your productivity with MultiTip, bringing efficiency and versatility to any task.


The MultiChassis is the Hydrema 912GS' answer to application diversity, a true example of the versatility of the machine and available as an option for your Hydrema 912's. This universal chassis is designed to easily adapt to a wide range of modules, from water tanks and concrete mixers to salt spreader equipment, making it an ideal solution for customers looking for a multipurpose machine. With MultiChassis, the Hydrema 912GS can be easily transformed to meet the specific needs of different projects, increasing its value and efficiency on the jobsite.


For ultimate control and safety, our two-circuit hydraulic servo brake system features oil immersed brake discs on all wheels that are self-adjusting and completely maintenance-free. This system ensures consistently reliable braking power, even under the toughest working conditions. The electro-hydraulic activation of the wet disc brakes on the front axle guarantees a fail-safe parking brake for extra peace of mind wherever you work.


Discover comfort and safety with our spacious ROPS/FOPS approved cab that offers unrivalled visibility and safety. Choose between a mechanical or air suspension seat for customized comfort, and enjoy the fully adjustable steering wheel and intuitive multi-joystick controls for optimal control and efficiency. Designed in accordance with ISO standards 5006 & 14401, this cab is your guarantee of both comfort and safety in the workplace.


Tyres   600/55-26,5 600/55-26,5 600/55-26,5
Total weight lbs 38,669 39,683 39,683
Unladen weight lbs 16,623 17,637 13,669
Load capacity lbs 22,046 22,046 25,794
Body capacity ft3 8,213889 8,213889 -
Turning radius ft 20’ 20’ 20’
Ground pressure (loaded) Psi 17.84 18.13 -
Suspended front axle X X X
Track ft-in 6’1” 6’1” 6’1”
Total width ft-in 8’1” 8’1” 8’1”
Clearance ft-in 1’6” 1’6” 1’6”
Dump truck body width ft-in 7’3” 7’3” -
Total height ft-in 9’2” 9’2” 9’
Loading height ft-in 7’4” 7’11” -
Height with raised body ft-in 14’5” 14’11” -
Tipping clearance ft-in 3’8” 4’2” -
Overhang, rear ft-in 3’3” 2’12” -
Wheel base ft-in 10’1” 10’1” 10’1”
Length ft-in 19’6” 19’3” 18’6”
Approach angle, front ° 28 28 28
Approach angle, rear ° 75 80 -
Tipping angle ° 75 75 -
Overhang, front ft-in 6’2” 6’2” -

912GS from Hydrema: Effortless Efficiency and Comfort in Demanding Terrain

Discover the Hydrema 912GS - a compact and agile dump truck designed to meet the demands of the most challenging terrains. With its advanced suspension system, the 912GS offers exceptional ride comfort and stability, making it a reliable work tool on construction sites around the world.

This dumper combines robust construction with user-friendly design, ensuring it can handle heavy loads with ease and efficiency. Whatever the job, the Hydrema 912GS guarantees a combination of strength, flexibility and reliability to take your productivity to the next level.

The 912 can match most dump trucks in smooth driving and is highly fuel-efficient and reliable with low running costs and good resale value

Unleash Limitless Performance with the Innovative Design of the 912GS

The Hydrema 912GS presents the latest evolution in advanced hydrostatic transmission, allowing speeds up to 25 mph and maintaining unrivalled traction no matter the challenge.

Enjoy the advanced adaptability of the intelligent ZF 6-speed "ERGO POWER" Soft-Shift transmission, designed to deliver a seamless and customized driving experience. Choose between the flawless automatic and precise manual operation to match the specific requirements of your work. Its ability to shift up to two gears automatically optimizes acceleration and handling heavy loads with ease.

The 912GS introduces you to a higher level of efficiency and precision, where fuel economy and dynamic performance go hand in hand. With technology inspired by the latest trends in the automotive industry, full utilization of every drop of fuel is guaranteed, ensuring your 912GS not only works hard, but also smart.

Stability in all situations is a core feature of the 912GS. With a low centre of gravity and optimal weight distribution, the machine remains stable and safe whether navigating straight roads or challenging slopes. And for even safer operation, a tilt indicator can be added to the dashboard. This Hoist Assistance technology provides real-time feedback on machine position and safety during lifting and tipping, with clear warnings if the slope exceeds safe working angles.

Hydrema Telematics

Optimize Your Fleet with Cutting-Edge Hydrema Telematics Solutions

In an age where efficiency and precision are key, Hydrema introduces a revolutionary telematics solution for your fleet. Equip your fleet with Hydrema Telematics - a standard feature on all new Hydrema models - and experience superior control and monitoring, ranging from detailed data collection to remote machine updates.

With Hydrema Telematics, you have access to a wealth of real-time data - from fuel consumption and levels to operating temperatures and oil pressure. All available anywhere, anytime, via an intuitive web portal or directly on your smartphone. This comprehensive monitoring is further enhanced by offering instant fault code diagnostics, making it easy to coordinate maintenance with surgical precision, reducing unexpected downtime.

Improve your operational efficiency by utilising the telematics system's can-link device, which enables remote updating of machine software via the GSM network - a feature that minimises the need for on-site service visits. This high-tech feature reduces downtime and increases uptime. Hydrema Telematics can also integrate with third-party tracking systems such as Trackunit, and its GeoLeash feature offers precise real-time tracking of machines so you're always in the know.

Be proactive rather than reactive with Hydrema Telematics, which strengthens your ability to manage service and maintenance tasks intelligently. Monitor your fleet's productivity, coordinate maintenance schedules, cut down on idle hours, and reduce fuel consumption and downtime, all while optimising the financial and operational value of your vehicles.

By leveraging the extensive analytical data, Hydrema Telematics gives you the ability to tailor your fleet for optimal performance, identify savings opportunities and maximise operational uptime. The system also gives you the ability to compare driving patterns and fuel consumption between machines and operators, allowing for strategic improvements and peer learning.

Choose Hydrema Telematics to ensure your fleet is not only efficient, but also a dynamic part of your business. With a free 3-year subscription, included with new purchases, you get access to all these features and future software updates. It's not just a step into the future of machine management - it's a quantum leap towards complete fleet management.

HYDREMA 912GS Dump Truck: Setting the Standard for Unrivaled Maneuverability and Comfort




The Hydrema 912GS's optional MultiTip system pushes the boundaries of efficiency and control. This smart system allows you to read materials within a 180° range and achieves unrivalled reading precision. It revolutionizes your workflow and cuts time on every job by placing the load exactly where it needs to be.




Experience the next level of comfort and safety with the Hydrema 912GS's spacious and suspended cab. Easy access and a design that emphasizes clear visibility guarantees operators have the best view in the game. Built for safety and ease of operation, the cab allows you to work efficiently and safely, so you can rely on your Hydrema 912GS every day.




The Hydrema 912GS takes engine power to a new level with its Cummins B-4.5L Stage 5 engine, a design that not only promizes, but delivers. Equipped with advanced emissions technology, including DOC, DPF and SCR catalysts, as well as the AdBlue system, this engine meets the strictest environmental standards. With a robust 4.5 liter engine utilizing Common-Rail and an electronically controlled variable turbocharger, it produces 147 hp and a significant 600 Nm(442 lb. ft) of torque at low revs.

912GS Dumper Truck: Balancing Safety, Performance, and Flexibility



At Hydrema, safety is in the driver's seat. The 912GS model's advanced design, enhanced with an LED light setup, maximizes visibility for safe operation. Inside the cab, you'll find a fusion of safety and comfort with ROPS/FOPS certification and clear visibility in all directions. With seat choices from mechanical to air suspension and ergonomic control options, the driver's wellbeing is at the centre of attention. The 912GS's stability is ensured through a central articulation joint and advanced hydraulic stabilisers, which together provide an exceptionally balanced ride and tipping, with the ability to lock oscillation for added safety.



With the 912GS's innovative MultiChassis, your dumper becomes a chameleon-like instrument that adapts to the task at hand. This chassis is a master of modularity, designed to support a wide range of applications - from everything from concrete mixer and water tank to winter salt spreader. Its rapid remodeling capacity means you can switch from one function to another with a simplicity that defines efficiency. This adaptability not only ensures that your 912GS can meet seasonal and project-specific challenges, but also that it moves beyond the limitations of what traditional construction equipment can offer, maximizing your return on investment by being your fleet's most versatile player.


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