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MX20G Rail

Rail Excavator


  • Designed for heavy lifting
  • Undercarriage with rail modules for standard gauge railway
  • Can work in both high and low rail mode
  • Swing radius of 1839 mm
  • Easy switching between travelling on and off the tracks
  • Double cab option
  • User-friendly, safe, robust and comfortable
  • High-performance, powerful and fuel-efficient Cummins B4.5 engine


Hydrema's MXG Rail Series represents the ultimate in rail excavators, tailored to deliver high efficiency and flexibility in railway applications. Precisely engineered and factory-assembled, these machines are designed to fulfil tasks both on and off rail. They combine the reliable performance of the MXG series with a cutting-edge rail system, ensuring outstanding productivity in all conditions.

Hydrema MX20G Rail

Designed with robustness and capacity in mind, this railway excavator is ideal for demanding railway applications. With its significant lifting capacity and compact design, the MX20G Rail is recognized as the most compact rail excavator in the +20 ton segment, making it perfect for large projects where precision and strength are required. The Hydrema MX20G Rail shares many features of the MXG series, but differs in its ability to handle particularly heavy lifts. With its factory-fitted rail system and robust superstructure, the MX20G Rail combines advanced rail technology with exceptional performance, ensuring optimal efficiency both on railway tracks and in challenging terrain.

Compared to the smaller model, the MX17G Rail, the MX20G Rail is physically larger, but also has greater power and especially lifting capacity, whereas the MX17G Rail is a more compact model, perfect for performing tasks on double-track railways without disrupting traffic on the other track.


The MX20G Rail from Hydrema is a dynamic and powerful rail excavator configured for working on the railway. Part of the advanced MXG series, this machine stands out with its impressive lifting capacity, making it ideal for heavy lifting tasks. Classified as the most compact machine in the 20+ ton segment of rail excavators, the MX20G Rail delivers an exceptional combination of strength and maneuverability.

Equipped with a robust factory-fitted rail system, the MX20G Rail ensures maximum efficiency both on and off the rails. It is designed to navigate complex railway areas with ease and efficiency, making it an indispensable resource on construction sites and maintenance projects along the railway network. The MX20G Rail represents Hydrema's commitment to providing high-performance, versatile and reliable solutions for the railway industry.


The MX20G Rail is powered by a robust Cummins B4.5L engine that delivers high performance and reliability. This engine, which includes a 16-valve Common-Rail Turbo Diesel with intercooler, produces up to 175 horsepower at 2200 rpm and achieves a maximum torque of 780 Nm at 1500 rpm. This powerful performance, along with a maximum speed of 12 mph in Rail Mode, makes the MX20G Rail ideal for heavy lifting and efficient handling of railway projects.


The MX20G Rail from Hydrema is equipped with a spacious 73.96 gallon fuel tank, ensuring long runtime and reducing the need for frequent refuelling stops. In addition, it has a separate 8.3 gallon AdBlue tank, which is essential for maintaining the machine's emission control system. This combination of fuel and AdBlue tanks ensures that the MX20G Rail can deliver efficient and environmentally friendly operation over longer periods of time, which is ideal for large-scale railway projects.


This machine has an efficient dual-circuit hydraulic system with Load Sensing and a separate high-pressure hydrostatic oscillation system. The system includes electronic power control that allows customization for precision work and fuel-saving ECO-Mode. The operator can adjust up to three hydraulic settings directly from the cab, providing the flexibility to customize pressure and oil flow for up to ten different tools.

Oil quantities:
Working hydraulics: 84 gpm
Swing hydraulics: 23 gpm
Hydraulic option 1  ZV1: 8-53 gpm
Hydraulic option 2  ZV2: 4-26 gpm
Hydraulic option 3  ZV3: 13-53 gpm


The MX20G Rail offers a hydraulic driving system with constant hydrostatic all-wheel drive, ensuring excellent traction and stability. It's equipped with a variable drive engine with brake valve for precise control and a 2-speed soft shift power shift transmission that efficiently handles shifting between on-road and off-road gears, making it highly versatile for both railway work and off-road driving.


Hydrema's MX20G Rail is capable of working in two categories:

High rail (Cat 2): Driveline and brakes work indirectly from tires (drive wheels) to rail wheels. When using 'high rail', the machine is lifted more than 4 inches above the tracks, ensuring no conflicts with sensors and switches. Operating in high rail mode provides maximum stability. The parking brake acts directly on the rail wheels.

Low rail (Cat. 3): Rubber wheels run directly on the rails with traction and brakes acting directly from the wheels to the rails. The rail wheels run with constant pressure regulation and suspension for safety and to avoid derailment. Being partially on rubber tires provides a comfortable ride and maximum traction, e.g. in wet conditions.


The MX20G Rail from Hydrema comes with a well-equipped and safe ROPS certified cab that has been carefully designed to maximize both visibility and comfort. The cab presents several features such as an adjustable sliding window, a two-part windscreen with flexible opening options, and a roof window that allows natural light to flood in. To further enhance comfort, an adjustable steering wheel and armrests, as well as an air-suspension seat, are included. The cab's air conditioning system is equipped with multiple adjustable nozzles to ensure a comfortable environment, no matter the weather conditions. Cab settings can be customized and saved via easy-to-use CAN BUS-controlled keypads. In addition, there are large, easily adjustable rear-view mirrors and a clear rear-view camera.

The MX20G Rail also offers a double cab option, which provides space for a passenger. The additional seat is located behind the driver with separate access through a rear door. The passenger sits perpendicular to the direction of travel, ensuring plenty of legroom.


The MX20G Rail is equipped with a two-piece boom. This boom is constructed from high-strength steel with closed profiles and is available in lengths of 6’7’’ and 8’2’’. To increase the machine's functionality and efficiency, the MX20G Rail offers the option of hydraulic quick hitch and an optional Engcon tilt rotator. The tilt rotator controls are conveniently integrated into the joystick for smooth and precise control during work, making the MX20G Rail an ideal machine for a wide range of railway infrastructure projects.


This railway excavator ensures maximum safety with the Prolec electronic height and swing limitation system, which includes a Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI). This fail-safe system with automatic control and dual sensors protects against collisions with railway cables and prevents unintended movement into neighboring tracks. RCI ensures continuous monitoring of the machine's stability, making the MX20G Rail a safe and reliable solution for railway work.


Hydrema's MX20G Rail is equipped with a range of railway-specific features. This includes:

  • Under carriage with high & low Rail System for 4'8'' track.
  • Special rail-Keypad for undercarriage (l.h.armrest).
  • Electronic monitoring/alarm - high & low rail.
  • Visual control of rail wheel pressure on rails.
  • Rail wheels-diameter: 2'22'' ft.
  • Fixed BM-hitch, rear.
  • Electronic Prolec height and slew system (Virtual wall) with Rated Capacity Indicator.
  • Hydraulic lock of steering wheels when operating in rail mode (Dynamic load charts).
  • Hydraulic emergency operation. 3 cameras (2 on the counter weight and 1 on the right hand side).
  • Individual disc brakes on rail wheels, operated both by service and parking brakes.
  • Undercarriage: Extra hydraulic oil circuit, rear - (13 gal.). 7-pole socket for trailer, rear.
  • Coupling for trailer, front/rear.
  • Air brake system for trailer (option)


    MX20G RAIL Std. Cab MX20G RAIL Double Cab
Rail category High rail (cat. 2) Low rail (cat. 3) High rail (cat. 2) Low rail (cat. 3)
Rubber tyres Trelleborg 10.00-20 Trelleborg 10.00-20
Machine weight* lb 45.2   45.9  
Width across tyres ft'in'' 8'5''   8'5''  
Machine width ft'in'' 8'2''   8'2''  
Track gauge, rails ft'in'' 4'8''   4'8''  
Cab clearance height ft'in'' 10'8'' 10'3'' 10'8'' 10'3''
Transport height ft'in'' 13'7'' 13'1'' 13'7'' 13'1''
Road transport length ft'in'' 18'6''   18'6''  
Front overhang ft'in'' 11'0''   11'0''  
Counterweight distance ft'in'' 5'7''   5'7''  
Ground clearance to tyres ft'in'' 0'5''   0'5''  
Wheelbase ft'in'' 8'6''   8'6''  
Rail axle distance, front ft'in'' 2'5'' 2'10'' 2'5'' 2'10''
Rail axle distance, rear ft'in'' 2'6'' 2'11'' 2'6'' 2'11''

*) weight stated with 331 lb quick hitch. No bucket. Transport position.


The Hydrema MX20G Rail represents a groundbreaking step in railway-specific excavators. This machine is designed to offer an unrivalled combination of power, precision and flexibility, making it an ideal solution for many rail projects. Equipped with a robust Cummins B 4.5L Stage V engine, the MX20G Rail delivers impressive performance with up to 175 horsepower while maintaining exceptional fuel efficiency. Its ability to switch between high and low rail modes gives it unique flexibility to work both on and off the rails.

Designed for heavy lifting, this machine is recognised as the most compact rail excavator in the +20 tonne segment, making it ideal for demanding rail projects where space and manoeuvrability are key. With its advanced powertrain, the MX20G Rail ensures reliable propulsion and efficiency in rail mode, and its electronic monitoring system with alarm functions significantly improves safety during operation.

Mx16g Rail Front (1)
Png Mark Hydrema Yellow


The MX20G Rail comes with the Prolec height and yaw limitation system, which is equipped with a Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI). This system is tailored to increase safety when working near railway tracks by offering failsafe functionality, dual sensors and automatic control. It is a key component in preventing accidental collisions with elements such as low-hanging cables and ensures that the machine does not move onto neighboring tracks.

The technology in the MX20G Rail plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe working environment by continuously monitoring and adjusting the stability and positioning of the machine. This is complemented by three strategically placed cameras - two on the counterweight and one on the right side of the machine, offering the operator an extended and clear field of view. This camera setup is vital for accurate and safe handling in complex railway environments.

Furthermore, the MX20G Rail's safety system is designed to proactively identify and respond to potential hazards, giving the operator an extra margin of safety. This proactive approach, combined with the machine's robust construction and sophisticated control features, positions the MX20G Rail as a top contender in the railway industry when it comes to reliability and safety.

Hydrema Telematics


Hydrema Telematics in MX20G Rail is a great addition to advanced machine monitoring and control, and data collection. MX20G Rail is equipped with the Hydrema Telematics system, which gives owners and operators access to comprehensive data and insight into machine operations. This system, which includes an integrated GSM/GPS unit, collects and sends critical information about the machine to a centralised server. Users can easily access this data through the Hydrema Telematics portal or app, where they can view a range of important details about the machine.

This includes information about the machine's type, serial number, model number, geographical location, number of operating hours, battery charge level and distance travelled. The system also provides vital information on any alarm and fault codes, as well as details of service appointments. This comprehensive monitoring and reporting ensures that owners and operators have the information they need to optimise machine usage, maintain it efficiently and respond quickly to any issues.




The MX20G Rail stands out with its undercarriage adapted for standard gauge railways with a track gauge of 4’8’’ ft in. This undercarriage can efficiently work in both high and low rail modes, providing unrivalled flexibility for different applications. The machine has a powerful powertrain to ensure stable propulsion in rail mode and a visual control function to monitor the pressure in the cylinders of the rail modules, increasing precision and safety during work.



The safety features of the MX20G Rail are state-of-the-art with electronic monitoring of both high and low rail modes and integrated alarms for increased safety. The 25.5” diameter rail wheels, with lockable axle oscillation, provide improved maneuverability. Additional safety measures include individual disc brakes on the rail wheels, which work both during operation and parking, as well as a hydraulic locking of the steering wheel during rail mode for increased control.



Equipped with a fixed BM quick hitch on the rear rail module, the MX20G Rail can easily switch between different attachments. An additional hydraulic circuit is also installed to operate external tools. The machine offers front and rear hitch options with a 7-pin connector for trailers and an optional air brake system. In addition, hydraulic emergency operation and easily accessible stop buttons both inside and outside the cabin ensure the highest level of safety and functionality.


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