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912GS Rail

Rail Dump Truck


  • 10 tons effective load capacity
  • MultiTip with 180 degree tipping radius
  • Undercarriage with rail modules for standard gauge railway
  • Can work in both high and low rail mode
  • Easy switching between travelling on and off the tracks
  • User-friendly, safe, robust and comfortable
  • High-performance, powerful and fuel-efficient Cummins B4.5 engine
  • Heavy-duty construction that's built to last


The Hydrema 912GS Rail is a highly efficient and versatile dump truck specifically designed for railway work. This machine is a turnkey solution, ready to deliver performance, stability and operator comfort - key factors for efficiency in railway network work. With flexible rail modules, compact dimensions and impressive load capacity, the 912GS Rail is designed for stability, even when working on inclined tracks and when emptying over the side. This is achieved with the MultiTip function that allows precise unloading within a 180° range.


With two operating modes, the 912GS Rail can operate in both high rail (9B) and low rail (9C) mode, ensuring maximum traction and gentleness on track equipment. Safety features include an automatic hydraulic lock for the articulated steering to minimize the risk of derailment, as well as automatic locking of the pendulum movement in the articulated joint for maximum stability. The 912GS Rail can easily be converted back to a regular dump truck within hours, as the rail modules can be easily removed.

Equipped with standard equipment such as category 9B/9C rail system, disc brakes, special rail keypad for operation, and cameras for accurate track positioning, this machine offers a robust and efficient solution for rail construction and maintenance, demonstrating Hydrema's commitment to flexibility, safety and high performance.


The Hydrema 912GS Rail's robust design includes a central articulated pivot and hydraulic stabilisers for optimal stability. The innovative MultiTip system allows 180-degree tipping, and with removable rail wheels, it can be quickly adapted for both rail and road use. The integration of fuel and hydraulic tanks improves weight distribution, making the 912GS Rail ideal for various railway work.


The chassis of the Hydrema 912GS Rail features an innovative design with a central articulated pivot point, which is supported by a pendulum rod and dual-acting hydraulic stabilisers. This provides exceptional stability when travelling and tipping. The chassis design also ensures that the oscillating movement of the articulated joint is automatically locked when travelling on rails, further improving safety and handling. With integrated fuel and hydraulic tanks in the front chassis, the chassis is optimized to deliver even weight distribution, which is essential for both efficiency and safety in complex working conditions.


The Hydrema 912GS Rails axle system is engineered with advanced technology to maximize both performance and safety. The front axle is equipped with an electro-hydraulic suspension system consisting of two independent suspension cylinders, ensuring a smooth and comfortable driving experience. The axles are equipped with planetary reduction in the wheel hubs, which work together with separate oil chambers to ensure a constant and efficient power transmission. An automatic limited slip differential lock on the front axle and an electro-hydraulic 100% differential lock on the rear axle are integrated to offer optimal traction and stability in all working conditions.


The Hydrema 912GS Rail is equipped with a powerful Cummins QSB 4.5L Stage 4 engine, which delivers a robust performance with a maximum of 147 horsepower (108 kW) at 2000 rpm and an impressive maximum torque of 600 Nm at 1500 rpm. This 16-valve Common-Rail Turbodiesel engine includes advanced features such as an electronically variable turbocharger, intercooler, and a cooled EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) with DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) and SCR catalysts to ensure efficiency and compliance with emissions standards, while supporting AdBlue addition for cleaner exhaust.


This rail dumper is equipped with a large 36.9 gallon fuel tank and a 3.6 gallon AdBlue tank, ensuring long runtime and efficiency on the jobsite. The integration of these tanks into the front of the chassis contributes to optimal weight distribution, which improves the vehicle's balance and stability during operation.


The 912GS Rail is equipped with a ZF WG 115 6-speed fully automatic "ERGO POWER" Soft-Shift transmission that offers 100% electronic control. This advanced transmission ensures smooth gear changes without interrupting traction, which is essential for precise maneuvering and efficiency during rail work. With six forward gears and three reverse gears combined with constant 4-wheel drive, the 912GS Rail delivers reliable and smooth performance on both rail and road, making it an ideal machine for a variety of applications.


The Hydrema 912GS Rail comes with an advanced hydrostatic Load Sensing articulated steering system, which is equipped with two dual-acting cylinders. This steering technology allows precise and responsive control of the machine, with a maximum steering angle of +/- 35 degrees. A built-in priority valve and integrated emergency steering ensure that the operator is in full control even in demanding conditions. This steering system is designed to provide smooth and efficient maneuvering, which is critical for safe and precise positioning of the machine on railway tracks and construction sites.


Equipped with a high-performance hydraulic system, the 912GS Rail delivers a pump output of 22.1 gallons per minute with priority control. The system includes a separate pump dedicated to brakes and stabilisers, ensuring that machine movements are both precise and reliable. This setup gives the operator excellent control over the dump truck's functions, which is essential for efficient and safe working in all conditions.


The cab of the Hydrema 912GS Rail is spacious and designed with operator comfort and safety in mind. It is ROPS/FOPS approved, ensuring protection against tipping and falling objects. With a suspended cab and either a mechanical or air suspension driver's seat, it provides a comfortable driving experience even during long working days. Steering is further enhanced with a tilt steering wheel that offers customized ergonomics and better control. This combination of safety and comfort allows the operator to work efficiently and with less fatigue.


The dump body of the Hydrema 912GS Rail is not only robust and spacious, but it can also handle a significant amount of material with a payload of 10 tons. This capacity, combined with its 7.3 cubic yards body made from high-strength steel, ensures that the machine can transport large amounts of material efficiently and safely. The dump body can optionally be fitted with a height stop at 14’1.2” or 14’9.1” ft in, providing additional safety against hitting e.g. overhead wires during tipping.


The MultiTip feature on the Hydrema 912GS Rail adds a significant level of versatility and efficiency to the dumper's operations. This feature allows for precise and fast unloading of materials in a 180-degree radius, meaning the operator can unload the load backwards and to both sides. This is made possible through a compact swivelling system that is mounted in a heavy-duty slewing ball bearing and controlled by two dual-acting cylinders. This innovative solution gives the 912GS Rail an added advantage in work situations where space is limited or precise positioning of materials is required, increasing efficiency and significantly reducing labor time.


Safety is a top priority in the design of the Hydrema 912GS Rail. The machine is equipped with advanced safety features, including two cameras that point directly at the rail wheels. These cameras help the operator precisely position the dump truck on the rails via in-cab monitors. In addition, it offers a manual emergency pump for emergencies. Safety is ensured with automatic locking of the steering in the articulated joint during rail travel, minimizing the risk of derailment. These safety features ensure that the 912GS Rail can operate efficiently and safely, both on rails and off-road, protecting the operator in all working conditions.


Tires   Michelin CargoXBib 600/55-26.5 Twin 
Unladen weight lb 22950
Load capacity lb 22046
Width over std. wheels ft in 8'1''
Wheel base (road wheels) ft in 10'1''
Length (rail wheels raised) ft in 20'9''
Track (road wheels) ft in 6'1''
Speed (road/rail) mph 19 /12
High rail    
Wheel base (rail wheels)  ft in 16'4''
Clearance height, cab  ft in 9'10''
Ground clearance (rails) ft in 0'5''
Low rail    
Wheel base (rail wheels) ft in 17'2''
Clearance height, cab ft in 9'3''


The Hydrema 912GS Rail is a highly specialised and versatile dump truck, designed specifically to meet the unique demands of railway construction and maintenance. With its innovative MultiTip functionality, powerful Cummins engine and advanced transmission, it combines seamless manoeuvrability with robust performance.

Equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, including an efficient camera-based system for accurate rail positioning and a strong construction, the 912GS Rail ensures safe and efficient operation. Its versatility is emphasised by its easy convertibility between rails and standard terrain, making it an invaluable resource in diverse working environments.

In addition to the 912GS Rail, Hydrema also has other machines for railway work, including the MX16G Rail and the MX20G Rail. So you can be well-equipped to perform a wide range of rail and railway work with Hydrema Rail machines.

912GS Rail Front
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The Hydrema 912GS Rail stands out with its unique benefits and specific characteristics adapted to railway work, making it an indispensable part of modern railway construction and maintenance:

Rail-specific Design: Its design is optimally adapted for railway work, with flexible rail wheel systems that can be easily removed, making the transition from rail to road quick and efficient.

MultiTip Functionality: With 180 degrees of tipping, the MultiTip system allows precise and flexible unloading, which is essential in confined working areas along the rails.

Powerful Engine and Transmission: Equipped with a Cummins QSB 4.5L engine and an advanced ZF WG 115 6-speed transmission, it delivers reliable power and smooth gear changes, ideal for demanding railway terrain.

Robust Chassis and Axles: The centrally located articulated center pivot and dual-acting hydraulic stabilisers ensure stability in all conditions, while the advanced axles offer optimal traction and handling.

Unrivalled Safety: With cameras ensuring accurate rail positioning and manual emergency pumps for emergency operation, the 912GS Rail sets a high standard for operator safety.

Efficient Dump Truck Body: With a payload of 10 tons and a capacity of 7.3 cubic yards, it is ideal for transporting large amounts of material.

The Hydrema 912GS Rail represents a perfect combination of strength, precision and safety, tailor-made for the demanding challenges of railway work.

Hydrema Telematics


Hydrema Telematics is our smart telematics system that helps you streamline and keep your 912GS Rail up to date. Hydrema Telematics in the 912GS Rail offers advanced real-time monitoring of vehicle status. This system gives operators and fleet managers access to vital information about machine performance, location and operating hours, which is essential for efficient operations.

With detailed data on fuel consumption and machine usage, Hydrema Telematics helps optimise operational efficiency. The system supports proactive maintenance planning, reducing downtime and extending machine lifetime.

A key feature of Hydrema Telematics is its ability to perform remote troubleshooting and diagnostics. This means that any issues can be quickly identified and addressed, ensuring minimal disruption to work processes.

By integrating Hydrema Telematics into the 912GS Rail, Hydrema provides an intelligent, data-driven solution that not only improves productivity but also ensures higher reliability on railway projects.

Hydrema Telematics improves operational efficiency and maintenance, while remote troubleshooting ensures fast problem resolution.




The Hydrema 912GS Rail is designed to easily access and position itself on railway tracks, increasing the efficiency of railway work. With advanced steering technology, articulated steering and precision cameras, the 912GS Rail ensures a seamless transition from road to rail, making it ideal for projects that require fast and flexible machine use.



The 912GS Rail's design allows for a quick and easy conversion from a rail dump truck to a standard 912GS dump truck. This versatility allows operators to switch between railway work and traditional construction sites without time-consuming equipment changes. Removable rail wheels and modular design ensure the 912GS Rail can be adapted to different working conditions and tasks, improving the machine's usability and increasing its value.



The MultiTip feature of the Hydrema 912GS Rail makes unloading materials easier with its 180-degree tipping capability. This feature allows for precise and efficient unloading in different directions, which is essential in confined workspaces. The MultiTip system improves workflow efficiency and reduces the need to reposition the vehicle, saving time and increasing productivity on the jobsite.


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