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Backhoe Loader


  • Up to 200° working range
  • Articulated steering for superior off-road capabilities
  • Great lifting and loading power
  • User-friendly and high operator comfort
  • Quiet and compact for city use
  • Powerful Cummins B-4.5 Stage 5 engine
  • Outstanding visibility from the cab


The 900G series from Hydrema represents the pinnacle of articulated backhoe loaders. These machines are designed to deliver unrivalled versatility and performance on construction sites and in earthworks. With over 45 years of experience and working with some of the world's best operators, each model in the 900G series offers a combination of power, stability and working speed that matches a real loader. Robustly built and user-friendly, the 900G series machines are built to withstand the most demanding tasks and conditions, making them a worthwhile investment for any contractor looking for reliability and versatility in their equipment.

Hydrema 908G

The Hydrema 908G is a highly efficient and versatile articulated backhoe loader designed to deliver exceptional performance and maneuverability. Part of the acclaimed 900G series, this model is equipped with a 122 hp engine, giving it enough power for a wide range of tasks. With a working range of 200 degrees and a physically smaller size compared to its larger siblings in the series, the 908G is ideal for both spacious and confined work areas. Its impressive lifting power makes it particularly suitable for lifting tasks that require extra strength. Its compact size combined with its advanced features and robust construction make the 908G an excellent choice for professionals looking for a versatile, powerful and reliable machine for their construction projects.


The Hydrema 908G is equipped with a high-performance Cummins B-4.5 Stage 5 engine that delivers an impressive 122 horsepower. This 4.5-litre, 16-valve, 16-valve Common-Rail Turbodiesel engine is equipped with an intercooler and an electronically controlled variable turbocharger, ensuring optimal performance in all working conditions. The engine's ability to operate efficiently with biodiesel (HVO) demonstrates Hydrema's commitment to environmentally friendly solutions. This powerful engine ensures that the 908G can handle demanding tasks with ease, even at lower engine speeds, where the engine achieves its lowest specific fuel consumption.

At the heart of the 908G's powertrain is an advanced transmission that further enhances its efficiency and ease of use. This model is equipped with DANA 6/3-speed fully automatic, electronically controlled transmission, which ensures a seamless power transfer and exceptional driving comfort. With its double 'Kick down' function and a torque boost converter, this transmission ensures smooth and powerful operation in all conditions. With six forward and three reverse gears, combined with constant four-wheel drive, the 908G delivers effortless and efficient handling ideal for demanding earthmoving and construction applications. This combination of powerful engine and advanced transmission makes the Hydrema 908G a reliable partner on site, ready to face any challenging job with uncompromising efficiency.


The Hydrema 908G's chassis is built to withstand challenging conditions with a robust, robotically welded construction and fixed axles. It features an articulated pivot point with a pendulum rod and hydraulic stabilisers for excellent maneuverability and stability. The patented centre pivot design optimizes traction and minimizes terrain damage, making the 908G ideal for working in varying and demanding terrain.


The 908G is equipped with strong and reliable axles, designed to support the machine's robust performance. This backhoe loader has rigid, fixed axles with hub reduction for optimal power transfer and durability in demanding working conditions. The front axle is equipped with an automatic limited slip differential lock, while the rear axle has a 100% electric-hydraulic differential lock.


The heart of the Hydrema 908G is its powerful 122 horsepower Cummins B-4.5 Stage 5 engine. This 4.5-litre, 16-valve turbodiesel engine with Common-Rail technology and an intercooler is designed for optimal performance and efficiency. Equipped with an electronically controlled variable turbocharger, the engine ensures reliable power and response, even in demanding conditions. This engine is also compatible with biodiesel (HVO), emphasizing Hydrema's commitment to environmentally friendly solutions. With this engine, the 908G combines power and economy, making it an ideal machine for a wide range of earthmoving applications.


To support its efficient operation, the Hydrema 908G is equipped with a carefully planned fuel system. This model has a large 40.9 gallon diesel fuel tank integrated into the rear chassis, ensuring long working periods without the need for frequent refilling. In addition, it includes a separate 3.6 gallon AdBlue tank in the front chassis. The AdBlue system is essential for reducing emissions and meeting environmental standards, making the 908G a more environmentally friendly choice.


The 908G is equipped with an advanced braking system that ensures safe and reliable operation in all conditions. The machine has a dual-circuit hydraulic servo system that ensures smooth and efficient braking. This system includes oil-immersed disc brakes on all four wheels, providing superior braking performance and durability, especially important in demanding terrain. In addition, the 908G is equipped with an electro-hydraulic 'Failsafe' parking brake, which automatically activates the wet disc brakes on the front axles. This feature adds an extra layer of safety by ensuring the machine remains stable and safe when parked, even on uneven surfaces.


The Hydrema 908G's hydraulic system is designed for optimal efficiency and accuracy. The machine utilizes an electronically controlled system with Flow Sharing and Mode Control, ensuring precise control of hydraulic functions. With a Load Sensing System and a variable pump that delivers up to 43.5 gallons/min at 2200 rpm, this system guarantees efficient and accurate handling of digging and lifting tasks while being fuel efficient.


This backhoe loader is equipped with an advanced transmission that ensures smooth and efficient power transfer in all working conditions. The machine utilizes a DANA 6/3-speed fully automatic, electronically controlled transmission for a smooth and responsive driving experience. With features such as double kick down and a torque boost converter, this transmission easily adapts to varying loads and terrain conditions. The transmission has six forward gears and three reverse gears, and it supports constant four-wheel drive for maximum traction and maneuverability.


The 908G from Hydrema stands out with its advanced and precise steering system. Equipped with Hydrema's proprietary articulated steering system, which includes an articulating pivot point and hydraulic stabilisers, the machine ensures excellent weight distribution and stability. Its hydrostatic steering allows an articulated steering angle of up to +/- 35°, providing improved maneuverability and precise control in complex terrain conditions.


The Hydrema 908G is equipped with a reliable and robust electrical system that ensures stable operation and efficiency. The machine has a standard 24V system, which is equipped with a 70 Amp generator that provides constant power to all electrical functions. This configuration is supported by two 12V, 95Ah batteries, which ensure that all electrical components, including lights and control systems, operate smoothly and reliably.


The cab of the Hydrema 908G is a fusion of comfort and functionality, designed to maximize operator efficiency and well-being. The spacious ROPS/FOPS approved cab is designed with ergonomics in mind and is equipped with suspension that absorbs vibrations and shocks. The driver's seat is adjustable and can be selected as either mechanical or air suspension, and is complemented by multi-adjustable armrests and an adjustable steering wheel, ensuring optimal comfort and ease of operation.


The Hydrema 908G introduces a revolutionary feature in the form of its "Double Command" system. This unique system allows the operator to operate the machine efficiently, even with their back to the steering wheel, through two joysticks located in the armrests. Double Command provides full control over wheel steering and all hydraulic functions, enabling a high degree of flexibility and precision in machine handling. This innovative feature is particularly useful in situations where space is limited or when precise maneuvering is required. This makes the 908G one of the most versatile and user-friendly backhoe loaders on the market.


The excavator section of the Hydrema 908G is engineered to deliver superior performance and durability. It has a 200° working range, making it possible to perform precise digging work from a fixed position. The machine is equipped with powerful breakout force and efficiency at both low and high speed, supported by Flow Sharing technology for a smooth digging cycle and fuel savings. Robustly designed, the excavator has large plain bearings in all joints and a double sealing system, ensuring long-lasting operation with minimal maintenance costs.


The loader section of the Hydrema 908G is a vital element of its multifunctional design. It features articulated steering with load transfer between the two chassis halves, ensuring that the loader always follows the direction of travel for optimal tracking and minimized ground pressure. This system combines power, stability and working speed on par with a real wheel loader, making the 908G ideal for efficient material handling. With automatic parallel guidance and Z-kinematics, the loader offers precise and easy control when filling the bucket in all conditions. The loader's design ensures high comfort and efficiency, especially when travelling on roads, making it an effective tool for a wide range of loading tasks.


To maintain a comfortable working environment and reduce noise pollution, the Hydrema 908G has an impressively low sound level. Inside the cab, it keeps noise down to 66/67 dB(A), ensuring a quiet and comfortable operating experience. Outside, the sound level is limited to 99 dB(A), minimizing disturbance to the working area's surroundings. This makes the 908G an ideal machine for environments where noise control is important.


The Hydrema 908G comes with a comprehensive equipment kit as standard, making it highly adaptable to a variety of applications. This equipment includes advanced hydraulic systems, a powerful engine, and a user-friendly control system, ensuring efficiency and versatility. In addition, there are a number of possible add-ons and customizations that allow the machine to be tailored to specific needs and preferences. From comfort-enhancing elements in the cab to technical upgrades for additional functionality, the 908G offers a wide range of equipment options that make it a flexible and efficient tool for any project.


Total weight w/ standard shovel lb 20062 20503 20503 20944
Width over std. tires  ft-in 7'77'' 7'77'' 7'77'' 7'77''
Track  ft-in 5'11'' 5'11'' 5'11'' 5'11''
Wheel base  ft-in 8'5'' 8'5'' 8'5'' 8'5''
Turning radius – outer shovel corner   ft-in 18'8'' 18'8'' 18'8'' 18'8''
Max. width ft-in 7'10'' 7'10'' 7'10'' 8'5''
Slew angle o 200 200 200+2x25 200+2x25
Approach height, max.   ft-in 20'1'' 20'4''/23'1'' 20'1'' 20'4''/23'1''
Lifting height – level base of bucket   ft-in 13'12'' 14'2''/16'10'' 13'12'' 14'2''/16'10''
Bucket clearance  ft-in 4'3'' 4'3'' 4'3'' 4'3''
Excavating depth  ft-in 17'10'' 17'6''/21'10'' 17'10'' 17'7''/21'10''
Reach ft-in 21'4'' 21'4''/25'1'' 21'4'' 21'4''/25'1''
Distance – centre pivot to rear axle   ft-in 3'9'' 3'9'' 3'9'' 3'9''
Bucket rotation  o 190 190 190 190
Ground clearance – under machine  ft-in 1'3'' 1'3'' 1'3'' 1'3''
Transport height, min. ft-in 9'9'' 9'9'' 9'9'' 9'9''
Transport height, normal  ft-in 13'5'' 13'5'' 13'5'' 13'5''
Angle of departure  ° 24 24 24 24
Sideshift ft-in - - - -
Beakout force, excav. cyl. - max. bucket (ISO 6015)  lbf 8450 8450 8450 8450
Breakout force, shove. cyl. - max. shovel (ISO 6015)  lbf 12900 12900 12900 12900
Lifting capacity – max. reach excl. appliances  lb 3748 3748 3748 3748
Stabilisers – supporting width  ft-in 12'11'' 12'11'' 12'11'' 12'11''
Stabilisers – max. alignment angle  o 11,5 11,5 11,5 11,5
Std. shovel volume, max. / with yd3/ft-in 1,8/7'10'' 1,8/7'10'' 1,8/7'10'' 1,8/7'10''
Lifting height – horizontal shovel  ft-in 11'4'' 11'4'' 11'4'' 11'4''
Clearance height – tipped shovel  ft-in 9'5'' 9'5'' 9'5'' 9'5''
Excavating depth – horizontal shovel  ft-in 0'7'' 0'7'' 0'7'' 0'7''
Reach from machine to tipped shovel  ft-in 2'2'' 2'2'' 2'2'' 2'2''
Reach at ground level  ft-in 4'9'' 4'9'' 4'9'' 4'9''
Emptying angle – max height  o 45 45 45 45
Back-tip angle – ground level  o 45 45 45 45
Dumping angle – ground level  o 100 100 100 100
Height, shovel pivot  ft-in 12'0'' 12'0'' 12'0'' 12'0''
Lifting capacity – max. height excl. appliances  lb 9921 9921 9921 9921
Breakout force – 1.4 m3 shovel (ISO 8313)  lbf 16405 16405 16405 16405

Data specified with std. tires.


Both the 906G and 908G are flexible backhoe loaders, suitable for a range of applications, especially excavation, due to their versatility. The larger and more powerful 926G and 928G models are ideal for more demanding applications, including loading work. Choose the model that best meets your specific needs and tasks.


  • Has a 280-degree working range thanks to sideshift of the boom.
  • Smaller in size compared to the 926G/928G.
  • Equipped with a 122 hp engine.


  • Working range of 200 degrees.
  • Smaller in size than the 926G/928G.
  • Equipped with a 122 hp engine.
  • Has a higher lifting force than the 906G/926G.


  • Working range of 280 degrees with sideshift of the boom.
  • Larger than the 906G/908G.
  • Equipped with a more powerful 147 hp engine.


  • Working range of 200 degrees.
  • Larger than the 906G/908G.
  • Equipped with a powerful 147 hp engine.
  • Has a higher lifting force than the 906G/926G.


The Hydrema 908G stands out as a high-performance backhoe loader that combines power, versatility and innovation. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, especially in digging and lifting. With a 122 hp engine, the 908G delivers impressive performance and is able to handle even the most demanding tasks with ease. This machine stands out with its 200-degree working range, allowing the operator to work efficiently and accurately from a fixed position, saving time and increasing productivity.

One of the most significant benefits of the 908G is its physical size. Being smaller than the larger 926G and 928G models, it is incredibly maneuverable and perfect for working in tight areas where space is limited. However, this compact size doesn't compromize the machine's power; the 908G has a greater lifting force than both the 906G and 926G, making it an excellent choice for lifting applications.

It solves every task we have, big or small, under unreasonably tight conditions

Hydrema 908G Hydraulics
Png Mark Hydrema Yellow


The Hydrema 908G stands as an excellent example of flexibility and versatility in modern earthmoving equipment. This backhoe loader has been designed with a special focus on adapting to a wide range of tasks and environments, making it an invaluable resource on any construction project.

One of the main aspects of the 908G's flexibility is its compact size combined with a powerful engine. Although physically smaller than its larger counterparts in the 900G series, the 926G and 928G, it doesn't fall short when it comes to power and performance. With a 122 hp engine, the 908G is capable of handling demanding tasks that require both strength and precision.

Its 200-degree working range gives the operator exceptional maneuverability and efficiency. This feature allows the 908G to work in tight spaces where larger machines would be limited, while also performing tasks that would normally require multiple machines. This ability to perform a wide range of tasks from a single position also reduces the need to move the machine frequently, saving time and increasing productivity.

The 908G's greater lifting power, compared to other models in the range, also makes it ideal for a range of lifting tasks. This, combined with its advanced hydraulic system and user-friendly controls, means it can adapt quickly and efficiently to different types of work, from digging and loading to more specialized lifting tasks.

In short, the Hydrema 908G's combination of compact size, powerful engine and advanced features provides flexibility that is unrivalled. This backhoe loader isn't just a work tool; it's a multifunctional solution that can adapt and perform a wide range of tasks in different working environments, making it a valuable asset for any contractor or construction site.

Hydrema Telematics


The Hydrema 908G is not only a powerful backhoe loader, but also a technologically advanced machine, thanks to the integration of Hydrema Telematics. This state-of-the-art data acquisition system is a core component that transforms the 908G into an intelligent machine that can be monitored and controlled with greater efficiency and insight.

Hydrema Telematics for the 908G utilizes a combination of GSM and GPS technologies to collect and transmit vital data from the machine to a central server. This gives machine owners and operators access to a wide range of valuable information that can improve operational efficiency, maintenance and overall performance.

Some of the key features of Hydrema Telematics include real-time tracking of the machine's geographical location, which is invaluable for fleet management and theft protection.

The system also provides detailed information about the machine's operating hours, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs. In addition, the system can keep track of machine performance and send alarms and error codes, allowing you to react quickly to any issues.

This advanced technology also allows for remote monitoring and diagnostics, which can reduce downtime and maintenance costs. By giving owners and operators access to important data via the Hydrema Telematics portal or app, it becomes possible to plan proactive maintenance and optimize machine usage.

In short, Hydrema Telematics for the Hydrema 908G backhoe represents a significant improvement in how modern earthmoving equipment can be managed and maintained. It gives owners and operators the tools they need to maximize the efficiency, safety and reliability of their machines, making the Hydrema 908G an even more valuable investment.


Double Command



The Hydrema 908G revolutionizes machine operation with its innovative Double Command system. This smart system allows operators to control the machine from two joysticks located in the armrests, providing excellent flexibility and control even when the operator is seated with their back to the steering wheel. This feature is particularly useful in situations where precise maneuvering and flexibility are essential. The operator can control both wheel steering and all hydraulic functions from joysticks, making the 908G incredibly versatile and suited to a wide range of tasks.




The Hydrema 908G cab is designed for optimal operator comfort and ergonomics. The suspended cab effectively reduces whole-body vibrations and fatigue, ensuring comfort during long working days. In addition, the rubber-suspended construction helps to lower vibration levels, further improving the driving experience. This focus on comfort makes the 908G ideal for operators who spend long hours in the machine.




With the addition of an Engcon rotor tilt to the Hydrema 906G, the digging function becomes more precise and efficient. This advanced addition allows the excavator arm to rotate and tilt the attachment, allowing operators to perform more precise and complex digging tasks with greater efficiency. The tilt rotator significantly increases the maneuverability of the machine, allowing the 908G to work in more demanding and confined areas where traditional digging movements are limited.



Safety is prioritized in every aspect of the 908G's design and function. The machine is equipped with several safety features to ensure operator and site safety. The robust construction of the cab is ROPS/FOPS approved, providing a safe workplace against upheaval and falling objects. Advanced braking and hydraulic systems guarantee precise control and stable operation, even in demanding conditions. In addition, features such as the low noise level and ergonomic cabin help reduce driver fatigue, which is essential for safety.


The Hydrema 908G is designed with environmentally friendly operation in mind, making it an ideal machine for projects that prioritize sustainability. The machine is equipped with an efficient Cummins engine that complies with Stage 5 emission standards, significantly reducing emissions of harmful gases. Furthermore, its engine is compatible with biodiesel, offering a more sustainable fuel choice. The Hydrema 908G's advanced hydraulic system ensures optimal fuel efficiency, minimizing fuel consumption and reducing the overall carbon footprint.


The Hydrema 908G is a backhoe loader synonymous with powerful performance. Equipped with a robust 122 hp Cummins engine, this machine delivers impressive power and efficiency, which is essential for demanding earthmoving tasks. This engine ensures the 908G can handle heavy loads and perform complex tasks with ease, making it ideal for a variety of applications. The combination of advanced engine technology and the machine's efficient design gives the 908G superior performance, making it one of the most powerful machines in its class.


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