Building Success Together: The A. Enggaard and Hydrema Partnership

A. Enggaard, one of Denmark's largest privately-owned construction companies, has been shaping the Danish landscape with its innovative projects and formidable fleet of machinery. At the heart of their success story lies a decade-long partnership with Hydrema, a relationship built on trust, quality, and shared values.

The Hydrema Fleet at A. Enggaard

Enggaard's recent acquisition of three Hydrema 912GS dumpers is a testament to this enduring partnership, bringing their total count to an impressive 11 Hydrema dumpers. These include both the 912GS and 912FS models, renowned for their exceptional flexibility. These machines are not just tools; they are a crucial part of A. Enggaard's commitment to efficiency and reliability in their diverse construction projects.

A Decade of Growth and Collaboration

Over the past ten years, A. Enggaard has seen remarkable growth, expanding its machinery fleet from 10 to 150, including two Hydrema 926F Backhoe loaders as well as the dumpers. With over 500 employees and locations in Aalborg, Odense, Århus, and Copenhagen, A. Enggaard's expansion mirrors the evolution of their partnership with Hydrema. Together, they have faced challenges, embraced innovation, and celebrated numerous successes.

Why Hydrema?

For A. Enggaard, choosing Hydrema goes beyond the machines' capabilities. It's about aligning with a partner that understands their needs and supports their vision. Hydrema's dump trucks, known for their robustness and adaptability, perfectly complement A. Enggaard's dynamic and demanding construction environments. The suspension feature in the 912GS and 912FS models ensures operator comfort and safety, a key priority for A. Enggaard.

The Future of the Partnership

As A. Enggaard continues to leave its mark on Denmark’s construction landscape, their reliance on Hydrema's machinery remains unwavering. This partnership is not just about the number of machines; it's about shared goals and a mutual commitment to excellence. With a total of 13 Hydrema machines in operation, A. Enggaard and Hydrema are more than just business associates; they are collaborators shaping the future of construction.


The story of A. Enggaard and Hydrema is one of growth, trust, and mutual respect. As we both look to the future, the potential for new achievements and milestones is boundless. It’s a partnership that exemplifies how collaboration, combined with top-tier machinery, can lead to tremendous success in the construction industry.

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