Generations of Collaboration: Livbjergaard's Growth Journey with Hydrema

Livbjerggaard Entreprenørforretning, headed by Karl Iver Jensen, has evolved from a machine station to a specialised contracting business. In close co-operation with Hydrema, the acquisition of a new 926G backhoe loader marks an important step in the company's technological development and preparation for an upcoming generational change.

At the idyllic Livbjerggaard estate, home to Livbjerggaard Entreprenørforretning, an atmosphere of rural tranquillity and beauty reigns. Located near Hjerm between Skive and Stuer, this property offers breathtaking views of the Limfjord. On this early summer day, under clear skies and a light westerly wind, Hydrema is on hand to deliver a new treasure to the company's fleet: the Hydrema 926G backhoe loader.

Livbjergaard 2
Machine operator Steffen was all smiles as he climbed into the new Hydrema 926G. A bit like children at Christmas, he couldn't wait to start unwrapping the "gift" and start using it. He had been looking forward to it, no doubt about it.

From Traditional Roots to Modern Success

The history of Livbjerggaard goes back to 1970, when Karl Iver's father founded Livbjerggaard Maskinstation. Initially, the company operated mainly as a machine centre with a minor focus on contracting work. At the turn of the millennium, when Karl Iver Jensen took the helm, the company changed its name and focus; Livbjerggaard Entreprenørforretning was born, specialising in construction machinery. From a one-man business, the company grew under Karl Iver's leadership into a healthy organisation with 25 employees.

Family Spirit and Professional Pride

The company is deeply rooted in family traditions. Karl Iver's wife, Janne Odgaard Jensen, is an authorised sewer master, a title also proudly held by their eldest son, Steffen. Both Janne and Steffen actively contribute to the company's daily operations. Hydrema has been an integral part of the business over the years, and the family has built up a strong relationship with Hydrema's machines and staff.

Livbjergaard 1 (2)
In the back of the machine hall is an elderly lady. A Hydrema 906C that is still fully functional. Karl Iver doesn't want to get rid of it, it's far too good for that. However, it has served its military service in the business and is now used at home on Livbjerggaard. But when Karl Iver and Janne move from the Livbjerggaard property, the "lady" moves with them, because Karl Iver needs to have a Hydrema at hand, even in his private life.

Generational Change Shapes the Future of Leadership

Livbjerggaard Entreprenørforretning is facing exciting changes. A succession plan is underway with Karl Iver's eldest son, Steffen, and office manager Jesper soon joining the ownership circle. This move marks the beginning of a gradual transition where Karl Iver will guide and support the new generation in taking over a business with 25 employees.

Expanding Horizons

In addition to the contracting business, Karl Iver also runs Livbjerggaard Ejendomme, which includes agricultural and rental properties. This part of the business will continue unchanged, while the contractor part will undergo a generational change.

Livbjergaard 4

Livbjerggaard Entreprenørforretning's beautiful new Hydrema 926G
is equipped with i.a:
- KST front bucket
- KST levelling bucket
- Engcon rotor tilt model EC209 directly mounted incl. claw
- Alliance 380 wheels with black rim 650/60R26.5
- Mudguard booster
- Air seat
- LED package
- Front and rear camera with shared monitor in the front of the cabin
- Additional camera above the windscreen with monitor in the rear of the cabin
- Central lubrication
- Oil heater with SMS control
- Walkie with gooseneck
- Fibre rail under plug and boom
- Flash bar
- 2 remote lights above the windscreen
- Marker lights on mudguards and steps when entering the vehicle
- MOBA Xsite 3D from Moba Denmark

Fejring af Livbjerggaard og Hydremas Tidløse Partnerskab med den Nye 926G

Forholdet mellem Hydrema og Livbjerggaard strækker sig over generationer. Den nye Hydrema 926G rendegraver, rig på avanceret udstyr som KST skovle, Engcon rotortilt, LED-pakke, og meget mere, symboliserer denne langvarige relation. Hydrema har altid været en central del af Livbjerggaards maskinpark, en tradition der videreføres og fejres med ankomsten af den nye maskine.

Den nye Hydrema 926G er mere end blot en maskine; den repræsenterer en historie om familie, vækst, og et stærkt partnerskab. Livbjerggaard Entreprenørforretning og Hydrema deler en fælles historie om innovation, kvalitet og familieværdier, hvilket er afgørende for deres fortsatte succes.

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