Maabjerg and Hydrema: A Partnership Reborn

Entreprenørfirmaet Maabjerg is a company with deep roots in construction work in western Jutland, Denmark. They have had many machines over the years, and the history between Hydrema and Maabjerg dates back to the 1970s, when Maabjerg first had a Hydrema machine. Today, they have once again chosen to acquire a Hydrema 906G backhoe loader.

The construction company Maabjerg is located in the north-eastern part of Holstebro and has existed since 1964. The company's current owner Finn Ørgaard Knudsen, as the second generation of the company, runs Maabjerg with equal parts business talent and common sense, and has Holstebro Municipality as a long-term business partner.

Maabjerg, a company with extensive expertise in a wide range of contracting services, including TV inspection, authorised sewerage work, earthworks, container rental, snow removal and demolition, has been a key player in the West Jutland contracting industry for decades. With a commitment to delivering high-quality work, Maabjerg has cemented its position as a reliable partner for both private and public customers.

The history between Hydrema and Maabjerg dates back to the 1970s, when Maabjerg first had a Hydrema machine. The Hydrema machine at the time consisted of a loader and excavator mounted on a traditional Volvo agricultural tractor, which was one of the first versions of Hydrema machines with good engine power and strong hydraulics. This marked the start of Hydrema and Maabjerg's co-operation.

Many years and several machines later, Maabjerg has resumed its collaboration with Hydrema by choosing a Hydrema 906G backhoe loader. This choice reflects not only the company's confidence in Hydrema's equipment but also a recognition of the need for modern, efficient and reliable equipment to meet today's contractor needs.

Maabjerg's decision to return to Hydrema after many years and choose a 906G highlights a continued confidence in Hydrema's ability to deliver equipment that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. And this confidence is not something we take lightly at Hydrema. It's important to us that our customers trust us and our machines. That's why we also delivered the machine to Maabjerg and helped them get to know their newest machine.

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Over the years, both Hydrema and Maabjerg have evolved and adapted to the changing needs of the industry. Hydrema's commitment to innovation and our ability to produce equipment that meets the specific needs of our customers, along with Maabjerg's expertise and commitment to quality workmanship, form the basis of a partnership that will hopefully continue to grow and develop.

This resurgent partnership between Hydrema and Maabjerg emphasises the importance of history, tradition and innovation in the construction industry. It shows how long-standing relationships can be resurrected and thrive in a time of constant change, and how the ties of the past can shape the successes of the future.

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