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Dump Truck


  • 11.2 tons load capacity
  • Low kerb weight and wide tires for low ground pressure
  • Suspended front axle for maximum comfort
  • 180° MultiTip
  • Cabin with great visibility
  • Chassis with articulated joints, low centre of gravity and high stability
  • Suitable as a rental machine


Explore Hydrema's 912G series: A range of dynamic and robust dump trucks built to master even the most demanding terrain. The series, which includes the 912G, 912GS and 912HM models, are carefully engineered to deliver superb maneuverability thanks to their articulated design. These machines combine a lightweight structure with powerful performance to ensure durability and significant uptime. They are perfectly adapted for any type of construction site and for challenging working environments where the terrain requires a particularly robust and reliable dumper.


Meet the Hydrema 912HM - a dump truck built to master challenging landscapes with unrivalled capacity. This model in Hydrema's fleet of 10-ton dumper trucks is distinguished by its improved off-road capability, larger tires and increased ground clearance for lower ground pressure. With Danish design expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology, the 912HM delivers performance to meet the most demanding work scenarios. Choose the robust choice; choose the Hydrema 912HM to feel the difference and expand your horizons.


With its robust heart - a 4.5 liter 16-valve 16-valve Common-Rail Turbo Diesel engine - the Hydrema 912HM stands out as a giant in construction machinery, delivering a formidable 147 hp (108 kW). This machine combines raw power with environmental concerns through its state-of-the-art emission reduction technology, including DOC, DPF and SCR catalysts enhanced with AdBlue technology, making the 912HM a model for future environmental standards and suitable for biodiesel use.

Experience the dynamic and fluid operation of the Hydrema 912HM's driving force via the sophisticated ZF WG 115 6-speed "ERGO POWER" Soft-Shift gearbox, which with its fully electronic control ensures smooth shifts without loss of traction. It offers a variety of gear selections and seamless transition between automatic and manual operation via joystick, giving the operator maximum control and sustained 4-wheel drive over all terrains and for every unique job.


Explore the sublime balance and unbreakable stability provided by the Hydrema 912HM's central articulated joint, the pendulum rod and the dual-acting hydraulic stabilisers. These features work together to ensure a robust ride and reliable tipping in all conditions. The intelligent design incorporates the fuel and hydraulic tanks into the front of the frame, optimizing space and efficiency. Customization options include a lock function for the pendulum movement and a significant pendulum angle of +/- 12°, making the 912HM adaptable and off-road capable.


The Hydrema 912HM highlights its suspended front axle, which provides a comfortable driving experience by minimizing vibrations and shocks from uneven terrain. This, in contrast to the stiffer 912G model, ensures better driver comfort and improves traction and stability. With both an automatic differential lock on the front axle and an electro-hydraulic lock at the rear, the 912HM seamlessly balances comfort and capability on all surfaces.


At the heart of the Hydrema 912HM is a ZF WG 115 6-speed fully automatic "ERGO POWER" Soft-Shift transmission with 100% electronically controlled clutches for smooth gear changes without losing traction. With 6 forward and 3 reverse gears, it ensures constant 4WD, while the driver can easily choose between automatic or manual shifting with the joystick.


The 912HM dumper is equipped with the powerful Cummins B-4.5L Stage 5 engine and equipped with DOC, DPF, and SCR catalyst with AdBlue. This 4.5 liter, 16-valve Common-Rail Turbodiesel engine has an electronically controlled variable turbocharger, delivering a maximum of 147 hp (108 kW) at 2000 rpm and a maximum torque of 600 Nm (442 lb. ft) at 1500 rpm. Biodiesel compatibility ensures environmentally friendly operation.


With hydrostatic Load Sensing articulated steering, supported by two powerful dual-acting cylinders that provide a maximum steering angle of +/- 35 degrees, you can manoeuvre your machine with incredible precision, even in tight terrain. The integrated emergency steering function ensures you're always in control, the system is enhanced with a priority valve for optimal reaction time, and the damped steering cylinders ensure smooth and precise control over every movement.


Equipped with an 84 l/min hydraulic pump for optimal tipping function and a dedicated pump for brakes and stabilisers, we guarantee an efficient and smooth operation every time.


Wrap yourself in the comfort of a remarkably quiet operator cab with a sound level of only 72 dB(A) - about as low as a normal conversation. Outside the cab, the machine is a powerhouse of efficiency, performing its work with a sound level of 102 dB(A), ensuring you maintain compliance with workplace noise regulations.


Our standard 24V electrical system is built for reliability, equipped with a 70 Amp alternator and two 95Ah batteries for uninterrupted power and performance.


Experience effortless safety with our automatic battery isolator, which switches off the power when you step out of the dump truck and reactivates upon your return. Customize the shutdown from the display and stay safe with an emergency stop within reach. Efficiency and safety at the touch of a button.


With a generous 36.98 gallon diesel tank and a 3.69 gallon AdBlue tank elegantly integrated into the front of the chassis, you're guaranteed long range and minimal downtime.


Explore a new dimension of efficiency with our robust 7.3 yd3 body, constructed from robotically welded high-strength steel for ultimate durability. With an impressive 10-ton capacity and a 75-degree tip angle that allows you to unload in just 6 seconds, this powerful truck bed is ready for the toughest jobs.


Optimize your flexibility and efficiency with MultiTip - the revolutionary choice for those looking for maximum maneuverability. Our compact swivelling system allows you to unload quickly and accurately, not only to the rear but also to both sides, providing effortless adaptation to any workplace. Solidly supported by a robust slewing ball bearing, the truck bed moves smoothly with the help of two potent dual-acting cylinders. Whatever the terrain, our advanced tipping function, with two additional double-acting cylinders, guarantees that you can always unload your load safely and smoothly. Choose MultiTip to transform your workday with ultimate control and precision.


Discover MultiChassis - your versatile base platform designed for unlimited possibilities. Whether you need a water tank, a concrete mixer or a salt spreader, MultiChassis gives you the freedom to adapt your vehicle for a wide range of specialized tasks. This universal platform is created to support a world of specialized solutions, allowing you to easily switch between tasks and maximize your machine's usability. Choose MultiChassis for a future where efficiency and adaptability go hand in hand.


Experience the extraordinary versatility of our Flatbed option, where we've extended the rear chassis to give you an extended loading surface. This extension ensures you can transport even longer items with maximum stability and safety. Choose Flatbed, only available on the Hydrema 912HM, for the extra dimension in capacity that makes your transport solution more flexible and adapts exactly to your needs.


Experience our reliable dual-circuit hydraulic servo system with oil immersed brake discs at all 4 wheels for constant and reliable braking power. The brakes on the 912HM dump truck are maintenance-free and self-adjusting. The handbrake is also maintenance-free with the "Fail-safe" solution, which is electro-hydraulically activated by the wet disc brakes in the front axle, providing extra safety and peace of mind.


Step inside our spacious ROPS/FOPS certified cab and enjoy clear visibility and comfort from either a mechanical or air suspension seat. With a fully adjustable steering wheel and multi-joystick controls, ergonomics and efficiency are paramount.


Tyres   800/45x30.5 600/60x30.5 800/45x30.5 800/45x30.5 800/45x30.5
Total weight lbs 40,256 39,617 41,270 39,683 40,256
Unladen weight lbs 18,210 17,571 19,224 15,212 18,210
Load capacity lbs 22,046 22,046 22,046 24,471 22,046
Body capacity ft3 8,213889 8,213889 8,213889 - 8,213889
Turning radius ft 20’8” 20’ 20’8” 20’8” 22’11”
Ground pressure (loaded) Psi 12.33 16.39 12.47 - 12.33
Suspended front axle X X X X X
Track ft-in 6’9” 6’3” 6’9” 6’9” 6’9”
Total width ft-in 9’5” 8’4” 9’5” 9’5” 9’5”
Clearance ft-in 1’8” 1’8” 1’8” 1’8” 1’8”
Dump truck body width ft-in 7’3” 7’3” 7’3” - 8’2”
Total height ft-in 9’5” 9’5” 9’5” 9’5” 9’5”
Loading height ft-in 7’8” 7’8” 8’2” - 6’5”
Height with raised body ft-in 14’8” 14’8” 15’2” - 14’2”
Tipping clearance ft-in 3’11” 3’11” 4’6” - 1’4”
Overhang, rear ft-in 3’3” 3’3” 2’12” - 5’6”
Wheel base ft-in 10’1” 10’1” 10’1” 10’1” 11’5”
Length ft-in 19’6” 19’6” 19’3” 18’10” 23’
Approach angle, front ° 30 30 30 30 30
Approach angle, rear ° 80 80 83 - 45
Tipping angle ° 75 75 75 - 72
Overhang, front ft-in 6’2” 6’2” 6’2” - 6’2”


Meet the Hydrema 912HM - the ultimate fusion of rugged performance and finesse, designed to navigate challenging terrain with ease. With its advanced hydrostatic articulated steering and a powerful 10-tonne load capacity, this high-mobility dump truck guarantees maximum efficiency in all working conditions. With its lower ground pressure due to its larger tyres, higher ground clearance and capacity for a tyre width of up to 800 mm, the 912HM model in the 912G series is optimal for jobs and work areas where you don't want the dumper to leave too much of a footprint.

But when it comes to customised solutions, the Hydrema 912HM really shines. This unique model sets itself apart from its siblings with the option to add a flatbed. This makes the 912HM the preferred partner for those who need an extended chassis to transport longer materials or larger equipment, increasing the machine's usability and making it an even more valuable player in any fleet.

The 912 can match most dump trucks in smooth driving and is highly fuel-efficient and reliable with low running costs and good resale value


The Hydrema 912HM combines powerful performance with impressive finesse, making it ideal for the most challenging terrains. With advanced hydrostatic articulated steering and a powerful 10-ton payload capacity, the high-mobility dump truck ensures exceptional efficiency on the jobsite.

At the heart of the 912HM is an advanced Cummins engine that delivers unrivalled strength and reliability. This efficient engine ensures you get the power you need when you need it most, while maintaining superior fuel economy.

With its state-of-the-art hydrostatic articulated steering, the 912HM provides effortless maneuverability and precision. This intelligent control ensures the machine responds to even the smallest adjustments, giving the operator exceptional control and reducing the machine's turning radius for optimal maneuvering in tight spaces.

Hydrema Telematics


Imagine having full insight and overview of your entire fleet of machines, wherever you are. Hydrema Telematics is the key to this. With this cutting-edge technology, you can monitor, analyse and improve the performance of your machines in real-time.

Hydrema Telematics represents a crucial investment in the productivity and profitability of your business. By utilising powerful data and real-time information, you ensure your fleet doesn't just run - it performs. Transform your business operations with the intelligence and technology that Hydrema Telematics offers.

Hydrema Telematics represents the pinnacle of modern machine control, a standard feature designed to transform the way you run your business. With this system built into all new Hydrema machines, you have access to a world of critical data at your fingertips, from fuel efficiency to precise machine monitoring, all available via a web portal or directly on your smartphone.

Hydrema Telematics offers detailed data streams and intuitive analytics that enable you to optimise uptime, reduce operating costs and improve efficiency. This system gives you a finger on the pulse of everything that's happening in your Hydrema machine.

Hydrema Telematics provides real-time data on the machine's vital functions and fault codes, promoting fast, accurate service interventions and more reliable operation. The system's remote update feature ensures your fleet is always up to date with the latest software without the hassle of physical visits. Integration with other systems via APIs extends usability and improves data security with features like GeoLeash, ensuring accurate tracking and security for your machines.

The data analysis optimises machine performance and identifies areas for improvement, which can lead to significant savings and a better working environment. With Hydrema Telematics, you can manage maintenance, reduce downtime and improve the overall value and lifespan of your equipment. All of this is supported by a 3-year free subscription that provides access to all features and updates, so your investment in Hydrema machines stays at the forefront of technology.

Hydrema Telematics ensures a future-proof fleet where efficiency and advanced technology go hand in hand. Gain control, insight and peace of mind with this innovative system that streamlines maintenance and optimises uptime. Hydrema Telematics is a valuable investment in the productivity and success of your business.





Discover a world of versatility with MultiTip for Hydrema 912HM. This groundbreaking option gives you the freedom to tilt the load in any direction at 180 degrees, paving the way for unrivalled maneuverability and efficiency on the jobsite. With MultiTip, every task becomes simple and time-efficient, even in the most demanding conditions. Equip your 912HM with MultiTip and discover how it can transform your business and optimize your workflow.




Welcome to the operator's cab of the 912HM dump truck, where premium comfort merges with intuitive control. From the moment you sit down, you'll feel at home in the spacious and ergonomically designed interior. With a noise-reduced atmosphere, you can enjoy long working days without fatigue. The view is panoramic, giving you an unrivalled overview of the workspace. Every instrument and control is placed within easy reach so you can focus on the task in front of you. And with an adjustable seat and air conditioning, you're ready for a great day in the cab. Step into the future with the Hydrema 912HM - where the cab is not just a workstation, but a cockpit designed to increase your productivity.




At the heart of a Hydrema 912HM you'll find an engine built to deliver unrelenting power and unrivalled efficiency. This advanced engine is designed with the latest technology to ensure you get the most out of every drop of fuel. It delivers superior performance that allows the 912HM to tackle even the most demanding tasks with ease.

Combining high traction with low fuel consumption, the engine ensures that every workday is more productive. Regardless of the terrain, the engine instantly adapts to deliver the necessary power without compromising economy or the environment. This engine isn't just the engine of your machine - it's the driving force behind your success.




The Hydrema 912HM represents the pinnacle of safety and quality in earthmoving equipment. Before a 912HM reaches the customer, it has undergone a series of rigorous quality and safety tests, ensuring that every function meets the highest standards. These tests guarantee that safety measures such as hill start assist and safety lighting work flawlessly in all environments. In the spacious cab, designed with operator comfort and safety in mind, the operator enjoys a clear view and ergonomic layout that minimizes risk and fatigue. The Hydrema 912HM is not just a machine; it's a safety vanguard, ready to navigate your project's challenges safely and efficiently.



Turn your 912HM Hydrema dumper into the ultimate work machine with MultiChassis. This option expands your machine's application possibilities by giving you the freedom to customize the build for specific tasks. With MultiChassis, you can easily transform your dumper into a carrier of diverse equipment, increasing its versatility and making it an invaluable part of your fleet. Seize the opportunity to increase efficiency and get more done with MultiChassis on your Hydrema 912HM.



Transform your Hydrema 912HM into a versatile transport solution with the Flatbed option. This unique feature turns your high-mobility dump truck into a multifunctional carrier, perfect for long materials or bulky equipment. The flatbed configuration opens up new possibilities in transport and logistics, making your 912HM even more valuable for any job. Get the most out of your fleet with the added flexibility offered by the Flatbed option.


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