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Compact Dump Trucks

Compact Dump Trucks

Compact, highly mobile and Off-road superior

The articulated and compact dump trucks with supreme performance, easy to use, low weight and great durability. Provides efficiency and operating comfort - every day, year after year.

Compact, highly mobile and Off-road superior


Visibility, comfort and accessibility.

  • Optimal operator comfort

    The cab is spacious and offers high visibility and a soft touch interior. All the instrumentation is ergonomically placed and the seat and arm rests are fully adju­stable to suit the operator. Overall vibration is reduced by spring and damper cab suspension.

  • Airconditioning and lightning

    An airconditioning system is incorpora­ted as standard, with 8 air nozzles pla­ced throughout the cab. The cab is also fitted with automatic entry/exit lighting for safer night time operation.

  • Easy service access

    Opening the large bonnet gives easy access to the different service points on the motor, oil level, hydraulic system etc.

    The two front fenders have integrated storage and built-in batteries.



Get all the specs

Get all the specs

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