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Hydrema 926F backhoe loader shoveling soil

Powerful and efficient

Our customers demand the best... - and we offer the best! The Hydrema 926F and 928F are our flagships when it comes to articulated backhoe loaders. These strong machines offer the best in performance, stability, comfort, and productivity.

Hydrema 926F backhoe loader mounted with Engcon Tiltrotator excavating


  • Hydrema 926F backhoe loader shoveling soil with the front loader

    High tech, powerful backhoe's

    Just like the “smaller siblings” 906F and 908F, the 926F and 928F are to a great extent similar machines with a powerful 145 hp engine, smooth 6-speed soft-shift transmission and a spring-suspended cabin. As standard, the machine design and specifications are identical for the two models except for the design used for the excavator arm.

  • Hydrema 926F backhoe loader digging with the rear mounted excavator arm

    Dig wider - The 926F

    The F-Series is available with or without Hydrema’s unique side shifting of the excavator arm. On the 926F the excavator arm can be side shifted hydraulically by 63 inches offering an impressive digging range of 280° - which by the way is the largest on the market...  So if you are parked in a slightly odd angle, you can still work efficiently without having to re-position the entire machine.

  • Hydrema 928F backhoe loader

    Lift more - The 928F

    On the 928F the excavator is centre-mounted, providing a digging range of 200°. The mobility can be increased by a side angling knuckle-bom (optional), which increases the digging range to 250°. One of the advantages of a center-mounted excavator arm is to obtain a higher lifting capacity. The excavator on the 928F gives you a lifting capacity of 3850 lbs and an excavating depth up to 17'8'' m (or 21'8'' m with an optional telescopic arm - also available for the 926F)


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Download our leaflet as PDF and get all the specifications about the 900F-series backhoe loaders.

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Read more about the backhoe loaders
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