Hydrema receives Veteran Company of the Year 2020 award in Denmark

8. March 2021

Veteran Company of the Year 2020 has been awarded to the Danish defense industry company Hydrema Group for long-term and comprehensive work in helping vulnerable veterans in jobs.

The Danish Veteran Company of the Year award was established in 2019 and is presented today for the second time.  

The prize is awarded to the industrial company Hydrema Group, who has made an extraordinary effort on behalf of Danish veterans.

From left: Deputy Director of Danish Industry, Henriette Søltoft, CEO. Director of Hydrema Group, Jan Werner Jensen and Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen.

"Over the years, Hydrema has managed to create and delivered a strong effort to help, especially the vulnerable veterans, return to work. At the same time, Hydrema, as an industrial company, has shown the way, taken responsibility and lead the way when it comes to translating the veterans' special competencies for the benefit of the Danish defense industry and business. Therefore, Hydrema deserves the greatest respect and recognition for their strong commitment to Denmark's veterans," says Danish Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen.

The Minister of Defense, and a couple of Hydrema's skilled veterans, had a chat about life as a veteran at a company like Hydrema.

CEO of Hydrema Group, Jan Werner Jensen, states, "In the 2000s, we got some big tasks that related to defense vehicles. Therefore, it was obvious for us to recruit some of the veterans who had returned from mission areas and had some of the experience we could use. We built a team that could relate to the vehicles and, therefore, was very motivated to solve the task. In this way, from the beginning, it became a perfect solution for all parties.

Thus, it was more a need than just a desire to help veterans in work, which then started what we have since made as a conscious goal and desire to help veterans back into the labor market. That we now receive the award as "Veteran Company of the Year 2020" is a big pat on the back and a recognition that we had not seen coming, but we are thrilled and honored about it. It gives a sense of pride in the entire organization to help make a difference."

Director of Hydrema Group, Jan Werner Jensen receives the award as Veteran Company of the Year 2020 by Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen.

Hydrema Group is a family-owned Danish company that develops, produces, and markets construction machinery - among other things for the Danish defense industry. The company was founded in 1959 and is located with headquarters in Stovring, Denmark.

Hydrema receives the award for its extensive and long-standing efforts to help particularly vulnerable veterans return to the labor market. This includes efforts internally with flexible job schemes, as well as assisting veterans with the clarification and evaluation process within other companies. In close collaboration with local municipalities and the Veterans Center, Hydrema always has at least one veteran employed in job testing to prepare them for the labor market.

At the same time, Hydrema, as part of the Danish defense industry, has taken responsibility for helping veterans move on to a working life without a uniform. They have the opportunity to continue to use the skills that were acquired in the Armed Forces, which is to the benefit of the veterans, the Danish business community and the Danish defense industry.

Hydrema had a great visit today when Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen visited the company to present the Hydrema Group with the award as Veteran Company of the Year 2020.

Since 2007, Hydrema has employed nearly 50 veterans. Hydrema currently employs 15 veterans.
This is the second time that the award for Veteran Company of the Year has been presented. The award is given to a workplace that makes a particularly commendable effort to help and retain veterans in jobs.

The recipient in 2019 was Securitas A/S.

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