German customer buys two new HYDREMA dumpers – in custom colors

2. June 2020

The company dechant hoch- und ingenieurbau gmbh can look back on 140 years of experience. The innovative construction company currently employs around 600 people and has a fleet consisting of several hundreds of machines, including 8 dump trucks in the 3.5 - 30 ton class. In early 2015 the company invested in a new 912DS 10-ton payload dump truck for a demanding construction project that could only be accomplished with a HYDREMA dump truck.

In early 2015 the company invested in a 912DS dump truck with a 10-ton payload. Even then, the company reported demanding construction work that could be accomplished by utilizing the HYDREMA dump truck. There were numerous press reports in the specialist media under the title "Heavy blocks of stone transported without any problems", which praised the machine's versatility and compact dimensions in addition to its performance.

This year dechant have added 2 more machines from the Danish manufacturer to their fleet. When the 2 x 912FS dump trucks were handed over at the Hydrema manufacturing plant in Weimar, the regional sales manager, Mathias Hahn was able to look into a happy and satisfied face from the customer despite the current Corona situation. 

Two 912FS have been supporting the process on the dechant construction sites for several weeks. The approval of the machine at full load and 40 km / h on the road was only one of the main reasons for the decision of the machine from Weimar.

Günter Herold, who is responsible for the workshop at Dechant, and Jan Herold, who is currently undergoing training in the workshop, brought the dump truck driver Jens Scheller and the truck driver Alexander Humbert to Weimar with their own truck to collect the machines. 

The visitor delegation were impressed by the high manufacturing quality in the former legendary Weimar factory in Eastern Germany which HYDREMA took over in 1996. Before the Corona crisis, around 170 employees worked in double shifts around the clock at the factory. 

"High-quality Swedish steel is delivered to our plant and then cut, bent and welded until a finished machine rolls out at the end," the regional manager, Mathias Hahn, tells. “The components we buy are the engine, which is supplied by CUMMINS, pumps from BOSCH-REXROTH, gearboxes from ZF and axles from CARRARO. Since everything at HYDREMA is very high quality, the machines have an excellent reputation on the market. The 912 dump truck is the only dumper that is allowed to drive fully loaded at 40 km / h on the road in Germany and the most widely sold dumper in this class worldwide. Unfortunately, due to COVID19 the visitors could not go through an extensive tour of the plant, but they will be invited back for a visit as soon as possible.


: Handing over the new machines in the corporate colours of dechant, but still not finished with all the correct stickers, at the Hydrema factory in Weimar, Germany. Martin Schneider ( Service technicians from HYDREMA), Mathias Hahn (regional sales manager, HYDREMA), Günter Herold (workshop manager, dechant), Jens Scheller (dumper driver, dechant), Alexander Humbert (truck driver, dechant), Jan Herold (trainee, dechant) ) 

Thomas Dechant, Managing Director of dechant bau-management gmbh says the main reasons for buying the Hydrema dump trucks is down to their excellent performance and because the trucks are ideal for use on classical construction sites. "It was not a price decision but based on many years of experience and knowing that HYDREMA builds high quality reliable machines" says the contractor. "The fact that the machine can be driven fully loaded on the road at 40 km / h and the clearly positive statements of my operators were decisive for me in the end."

Martin Werthenbach, sales manager for Germany, knows from many discussions about the dominance of his own product. "One of our dealers with whom we work has made extensive inquiries beforehand. He heard from his customer that the 912 is the absolute best dump truck on the entire planet and asked me if such a statement is music to my ears. But I had to answer that I keep hearing this and have to be careful that I don't get arrogant when I talk about our products myself. The fact is that investing in a HYDREMA pays off in many ways. Our machines are built for contractors who also sit in the machine themselves, because in Denmark companies are often relatively small. That is why HYDREMA designs the machines with quality, reliability, performance, comfort and safety in mind. The best example of this is the brand new 707 dump truck. Here, too, these properties were taken into account when designing the machine, which is why we built a 7-ton dump truck, which offers maximum safety for people and the ability to operate in rough terrain thanks to its low center of gravity and low cab entrance. In the 912 the driver does not sit literally on a high horse but in a cabin that you would normally find in large dump trucks with a clear view of the route. The machine has a very low center of gravity and low ground pressure which is unrivaled on the market. Using HYDREMA dump trucks means gaining a competitive advantage through these unique selling points. This is the reason why more and more contractors in Germany, like Thomas Dechant, are choosing HYDREMA. ”

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