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Analyse, adjust and optimise your business

Stay in the driver's seat with Hydrema Telematics through proactive management of service and maintenance tasks and gain financial and operational control over your machines.

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About Telematics

Tracking and GeoLeash

  • Tracking and data collection

    Hydrema Telematics is a tracking and data collection system that collects information from the machine via sensors and electronics.

    Users can also login to the online portal from various platforms and gain access to collected data from the engine, transmission and other key components, along with reports of the working hours and the machine location.

    Safeguard your equipment

    GeoLeash lets you set up dynamic location tracking of your machines - like when they change construction sites or are transported over greater distances, so you always know where your machines are.



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  • Analyse and optimise

    Through the collected data and analysis, you can optimise your machine's performance, reduce the overall fuel consumption and increase uptime, while learning how to utilise your machine in the best way possible.

    Hydrema Telematics also allows you to compare your machines and operators driving patterns and fuel consumption to one another, making it easy to make adjustments that can benefit your business and educate operators.

    Maximize uptime

    The system can help plan maintenance tasks and diagnose problems. By displaying alarm codes and other vital data on the online portal, the Hydrema service team remotely can identify faults rapidly and precisely.


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Increase Productivity

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    Save time and earn money

    Manage your fleet and plan maintenance tasks, reduce idle hours, fuel consumption and downtime while saving money and secure your fleet value. 


    The system keeps track of your machines and sends you notifications about upcoming maintenance tasks, making fleet management easier and less time-consuming.


    It also helps you keep track of your productivity, e.g. how many loads you transport each week, or how many hours of effective productivity your machines deliver per day, week and month.

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    API-data and software update

    Hydrema Telematics can deliver data via API to external platforms for mixed fleets, such as Trackunit. 

    Regarding the machine's software, updates can be uploaded via the telematics can-link unit, making remote updates possible. For now, this is though limited to the wheeled excavators in the MX G-series.

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    Free subscription

    For new machine a 3-year free subscription to Hydrema Telematics is included.  (For the wheeled excavators in the MX G-series, however, only 2 years subscription).


    With the free subscription, you get full access to all features, services and software updates.


Telematics Login

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Need help

Support & Billing questions

  • Hydreme technical support contact

    Contact Telematics Support

    If you experience technical difficulties with the app or have questions regarding the functionality of Hydrema Telematics please contact us at:



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    Payment & Billing Questions

    If you have any  questions about your subscription plan, invoice or general questions regarding administrative issues, please contact us at: 



  • Terms of Use 

    Read about our Terms of Use for the Hydrema Telematics DataPortal and App by clicking on the link below



    Hydrema Terms of Use


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