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Hydrema 922G-Series dump truck moving gravel

Agile dump trucks with maximum traction.

The high powered 922G-series with maximum traction, record low ground pressure and an array of features to aid the driver, is our most complete series of dump trucks to date. Perfect for earthmoving in soft and muddy terrains.

Hydrema 922G-Series dump truck

High Quality

High Quality and Long Life

The 922G-series is a high quality product, has long service intervals and can be used almost everywhere. It has been designed to be used every day, year after year. Easy to operate and the many possibilities for individual operator settings in the cab also makes it exceptionally suitable for rental


  • Very low ground pressure.
  • Highest power-to-weight ratio on the market.
  • Lowest unladen weight on the market
  • Extremely user-friendly and simple to use. High safety and operator comfort.
  • High quality. Solid design. Built to last. Rental friendly.



Great work space with an excellent view.

  • The spacious cab has two doors, with lighting for safe entry in all light conditions, great visibility and an easy-to-clean interior.

    For maximum safety, the cab is ROPS/ FOPS approved with heavy-duty viscous mounts to reduce vibrations.

    All functions have the best ergonomic positions, so the operator feels comfortably seated at all times. The multi-joystick control is installed, as an integrated part of the right armrest in the new standard Air suspended seat, with ventilation and longitudinal dampening, and the armrests and steering collumn are multi-adjustable.


  • The multi-joystick operates the main dump truck functions, such as tipping, gear selection, forward/reverse and differential lock, providing easy control at your fingertips.

    The computer-controlled instrument display with data storage, and a powerful heating and cooling system, a storage box, and connections for 12V & 24V plugs are standard equipment in the cabin.

Hydrema 922F-Series dump truck cabin view Hydrema 922F-Series dump truck moving gravel in rough terrain view over fuses



Smart features to aid the operator

  • Automated tipping

    The electric-servo controls enable new features for smooth tipping, which provides a soft start and stop when raising and lowering the body. Along with expanded functionality, so the auto-body-return system now also includes auto-raising of the body. The automatic tipping throttle will increase the engine speed when the tipping function is activated to raise the body faster.

  • Payload measuring system

    To increase efficiency and prevent overloading, Hydrema has developed a payload measuring system. When activated, the system calculates the payload via pressure sensors and angle of the vehicle, where the calculated payload then is shown to the operator in the dashboard.

  • Safe tipping

    With more sensors and a new dashboard layout, the operator gain access to considerably more information, which provides for a safer tipping process. This, among others, includes the new hoist-assistance, where an inclination sensor in the dashboard shows the machine’s gradient both sideways and longitudinal. Should the inclination become too severe, a warning will appear letting the operator know if it is unsafe to tip


Just keeps going

The machine is designed for transport in rough terrain. Its long service life, quality, reliability and durability are exactly what you would expect from a Hydrema dump truck.

Hydrema 922G-Series dump truck


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Hydrema 922G-Series dump truck drawing

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