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Hydrema 926G

The best backhoe loader on the market!

Hydrema 906F backhoe loader working with its rear mounded excavator arm


A working environment that stands out

  • Hydrema 900F series backhoe loader working environment from the cab

    The best working environment 

    The spacious cabin of the 900G series is designed and constructed to ensure the best possible working environment and maximum safety.


    The noise level is low – from only 66 dB (A) in the 906G–908G, which is equivalent to the noise level in a medium-sized car. This contributes to a comfortable and productive working environment throughout a long working day.

  • Hydrema 900F series backhoe loader cab suspension

    Stay fresh all day

    It’s a fact that quality suspension reduces fatigue and wear. Therefore the 906G and 908G cabin is rubber-suspended to reduce the vibration and noise level in the cabin.The vibrations are dampened as much as possible by fluid-filled silent blocks.   


    For added comfort, the 926G-928G cabin has a spring suspension system with self-levelling and stabilising bars. The suspension’s positive effect is especially clear when driving fast on and off road. 

  • Hydrema 900F series backhoe loader cabin panel

    User-friendly operation

    The 900G series has updated and easily operated keypad panels in the A and B posts.


    The user-friendly computer-controlled instrument display provides the operator with comprehensive information. The computer has i.a. data collection, a rental menu and diagnostic tool.

Automatic engine light

Hydrema 906F backhoe loader working with its rear mounded excavator arm


Full control at your fingertips

  • Hydrema 900G series backhoe loader joystick used to operate the machine

    Switchable joystick control

    The most common functions are controlled via the seat-mounted joysticks, where the operation of the rollers can be switched in the display menu by the operator.


    Hydrema's unique Dual Command system allows the operator to fully operate the machine, regardless of which direction he is facing. There are rear-facing pedals and via the joysticks the forward / reverse function can be operated as well as the control of the machine.

  • hydrema 900F series backhoe loader control panels

    Smart functions

    Hydrema backhoes have many smart, built-in features to make your work day easier.


    The loader is equipped with a return-to-dig function for easy loading as well as a suspension system of the loader that provides a comfortable ride. When you dig, the digging brake can automatically brake the wheels and the articulated joint can also be locked automatically to make the machine "rigid" and thus achieve full support during the digging work and when lifting.

  • Hydrema 900F series backhoe loader control panels

    Fully adjustable

    A new electronic architecture allows the operator to make adjustments of the joystick controls and hydraulic functions including flow settings directly from the dashboard.

Road legal

The 900G-Series Hydrema backhoe loaders have the license to drive on public roads (region dependant) with speeds up to 40 km/h, making transportation between jobs easy.

Hydrema 906F backhoe loader working with its rear mounded excavator arm

Hydrema 906F backhoe loader working with its rear mounded excavator arm


Read more about the 900G-Series

Download our leaflet as PDF and get all the specifications on the 900G-series backhoe loaders.

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